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What is a law school “clinic”?

Clinics, clinics, clinics!  When I was considering law schools, all of my lawyer friends emphasized the importance of clinics and selecting a school that offered at least one that I’d be interested in. After completing my first clinic last year, I whole heartedly agree and strongly recommend you take this advice into account (particularly if […]

Boston: My new home

BREAKING NEWS: I am officially a homeowner.  Last Friday, my boyfriend and I closed on a condo in Allston.  So, it’s official – Boston is my new and permanent home! I’m originally from a small town outside of Seattle, WA.  For college, I went to Berkeley, CA.  Since then, I’ve lived in San Francisco, New […]

Law school primer & the salty tears of defeat

On January 20th, 2012, I received my first semester grades. And on January 20th, 2012, I cried for the first time over my grades. And then I cried some more, feeling helpless and stupid for shedding tears over something so inconsequential. I am not a crier. But law school will do that to you. It […]

No need to study law in law school

It has taken me three semesters to realize that law school is bad for my mental and physical health.  Although BU has quite possibly the nicest gym, I hardly go. Rock wall, fitness classes, 4 court gym, swimming pool – what else is there to ask for? As a rock climber, I thought I’d be […]

The BU Secret

I’m going to go out on a limb with this post. There’s a little known secret on campus, and I’m reluctant to say anything about it. But, it is one of the best things about BU Law, so I feel like I should share. So, the secret? The secret is that the BU administration and […]

Post-finals debrief

I’ve heard it.  You’ve heard it.  Everyone’s heard it.  Law school is hard. And guess what….they’re right. So what makes law school so hard?  Personally, I think it’s the finals.  And, I think a lot of my classmates would agree. Sure, I took courses in undergrad and grad school that had a final exam or […]

A different kind of law student

The beginning of 2L year is a busy time for many students.  In August, summer internships wind down and soon after students are busy with recruiting, which means resume collections, interviews, and eventually job offers. After classes start, many 2Ls find themselves submerged in work for their journals, researching for their notes and endlessly revising […]

Hello, my name is Nanako.

Seeing as this is my first official post, I figure it’s only polite to introduce myself. By now, you already know that I’m a 2L at BU Law.  And that I grew up in Washington state and went to Cal (go bears!).  But, that’s just part of the story. You should also know I took […]