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I’m Bill, on Capitol Hill

For those of you loyal readers of the BU Law Blog, you may have seen Brynn’s earlier post about the International Conference on Legislation and Law Reform in Washington, DC. I also had the chance to head down to our nation’s capital last week and participate in the conference, which was co-sponsored by BU Law. […]

Can You Believe It?

In some of the recent conversations I’ve had with friends and family, there has been a consistent question: “Just over a month left… Can you believe it?” They are asking in a “time flies” kind of way, meaning it’s amazing that three years have almost come and gone since my first day of classes as […]

The Paper Chase

Six semesters. That’s all the time we have in law school. Of those six semesters, we only get to choose our classes in four of them, which means that we have four opportunities to pick the courses that will set the baseline for our legal careers. In such a limited time, it has been impossible […]

Showing Up

As you make your way through law school, there are dozens of small decisions you can make that can change your whole academic or professional trajectory. Do you sign up for a journal? If so, which one? Do you give moot court a shot? Do you go to a certain networking event? Which clinic do […]

Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

Spring Break in Boston! This year, I ended up going for the staycation—partially by choice, partially by virtue of back-to-back nor’easters hitting the east coast. While the stormy weather hasn’t made it feel exactly like spring break, sticking around town has its benefits in recharging for the final push before graduation. There is, after all, […]