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Law in Luxembourg – Visit to the European Court of Justice

One of the best things about studying in Europe is how accessible so much of the continent is. As part of our degree program, my LLM program took us all to Luxembourg for a week to attend seminars and visit the European Court of Justice, which is basically the Supreme Court of Europe. A quick […]

Law Student’s Holiday Wish List

Book stand A book stand will change a law student’s life. I am not joking. You don’t realize how much strain you’re putting on your neck looking down at books all the time until you get a book stand to prop the books at eye level. Your neck will thank you so very much. Your […]

Keeping Your Head On Straight in Law School

Finals time is upon us once again, and that means that people’s stress meters are pegged. That’s to be expected—law school can be a stressful place, and finals are the most stressful time of year in law school. But in finding ways to deal with stress and keep your sanity intact, and I would suggest […]

Wrapping Up the 2L Fall Semester

It’s hard to believe that in about two weeks, I will be at the halfway mark of completing law school. My life has changed so much since starting at BU (and moving to Boston in general), and even though this semester has been busy, it’s such a welcome change from the energy of 1L. Everyone […]

Relevant? For sure.

Does anyone else agree that sometimes there’s a connotation of “law” with the idea of irrelevant concepts? I feel that when people think of “law” and “lawyers” they think of old men, dark-paneled rooms, and musty books arguing over things that have been established for years. And, for a little while, especially during 1L, I […]