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Admiralty Moot Court: Pirate Lawyering in Seattle

A few months ago I posted about one of my unexpected favorite classes, Admiralty Law (find it here.) I’m following-up on that post to share about the Admiralty Moot Court team’s trip to Seattle to compete in the Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Competition! Last Wednesday my two teammates (who also took the […]

MythBusters: Rankings

It’s that time of the year again when I wonder when spring will actually arrive and when US News publishes their 2019 ranking of Best Law Schools in the country. Nothing has changed from last year: it’s still way too cold to be spring and Harvard/Yale/Stanford remain in the top three law schools in the […]

The Paper Chase

Six semesters. That’s all the time we have in law school. Of those six semesters, we only get to choose our classes in four of them, which means that we have four opportunities to pick the courses that will set the baseline for our legal careers. In such a limited time, it has been impossible […]

Being a Research Assistant: Surprisingly (or not?) one of my Favorite Law School Things

I love doing academic research and being involved in academia. So much, so, that I almost ditched law school for grad school after a particularly successful senior year of undergrad where I took a research project all the way to an international conference. I chose law school (obviously) ultimately, but I knew I wanted to […]

Where in the World to Take the Bar?

For non-lawyers out there, the bar exam seems like some ethereal exam that all lawyers take that is essentially torture. What the rest of the world doesn’t seem to know is that there is a LOT more to the bar exam than simply taking the test. And all that complication begins with one, seemingly simple, […]