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Chasing Dreams and Learning Lessons: Coming to Law School straight from Undergrad

I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was about 8 years old. Granted, I wanted to be far more in addition to a lawyer. I think my list of future professions was about 20 things long and included a professional lacrosse player, professional skateboarder, artist, detective, and writer, in additional to lawyer. As I […]

Tips for Outlining as a 1L

I’ve just hit the mid-way mark in my Spring Semester as a 1L here at BU Law, and I took advantage of some of the free time that I had over Spring Break to make a comprehensive plan for outlining for exams (and somehow managed to meet my goal despite my jam-packed schedule at home). […]

“Please be sure to buckle up for the descent”

The captain’s command lured me from my daydreams. Back to reality. Back to Boston, where the 12 degree weather felt acutely insulting after leaving San Diego’s 70 degree embrace. In hindsight, perhaps my spring break itinerary was a bit too ambitious. Never mind the “Academic Goals” portion of my To Do List; I only managed […]

Taking Advantage of the CDO

I think that I touched on this in a previous post about what I learned from my first semester here at BU, but I thought I’d go into a little bit more detail about the resources that I have taken advantage of so far from the Career Development Office (CDO). My undergraduate institution was incredible […]

All About the Lawyering Lab

I finished the Lawyering Lab last Friday and, although I was a bit disappointed that my winter break had to be cut short (and that I was still getting over a massive cold when it began), I can honestly say that the week was well-worth traveling back up to Boston early for. The days were […]