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Weekend Balance

It’s no secret that 1L year is tough stuff, and you’re going to have a lot less free time than your friends, even ones in traditional grad school programs. While it’s study, study, study most of the time, it isn’t all of the time (well, at least it isn’t unless you’re in the months of […]

April Really is the Cruelest Month

With the turn of the calendar page, it’s suddenly here: April. I would argue that April is the most challenging month for law students because it signals not only the end of a semester, but also the end of the year. At this point in time, I find myself in the throes of finals preparation. […]

Writer’s Block

You must do many things to graduate from law school, but one of the more formidable hurdles may be the upper-class writing requirement.  Seven thousand five hundred words. That may not sound like that much in the world of academia, but it can be a challenge to find the time to research, write, and edit […]

March Madness: Law School Bracket Edition

Two years ago this week I stepped off the plane at Logan Airport with one thought in mind: this could be my home for at least the next three years.  When I was excepted to BU Law’s Class of 2018 in early March, I was overjoyed and simultaneously conflicted. BU was at the top of […]

Chasing Dreams and Learning Lessons: Coming to Law School straight from Undergrad

I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was about 8 years old. Granted, I wanted to be far more in addition to a lawyer. I think my list of future professions was about 20 things long and included a professional lacrosse player, professional skateboarder, artist, detective, and writer, in additional to lawyer. As I […]