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“It gets better.”

It gets better. This was a tweet reply that I sent to a 1L at a different law school last week. She had just tweeted that she had made a terrible mistake by going to law school. As a 3L, I was confident to reassure this 1L at a completely different school with a completely […]

Round 2L

And just like that, three months of summer have come and gone. It’s hard to believe that only a year ago I moved to a new city to begin law school and now I’m beginning my second year. But, I’m thankful that year flew on by because it was definitely a difficult one. However, I […]


1L year is finally over! It is extremely bittersweet and at the same time insane to look back at how far I have come. I have spent countless hours reading, writing, and stressing about this year. I prepared and obsessed over how intense law school would be and it was a lot more work and […]

Scare you to death, work you to death, bore you to death

One of the very first things I heard as a 1L, from one of my favorite professors, was this old law school adage. Supposedly, it goes like this: “1L – scare you to death; 2L – work you to death; 3L – bore you to death.” ¬†For whatever reason, that saying got stuck in my […]

Staying Healthy During Final Exams

It’s the last week of class here at BU Law, and that means one thing – finals season in here. As the end of my 1L year draws near, we all know that my body is a temple and I am a pure being who eats nothing but kale I’m one short night away from […]