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“Break” me off a piece of that… Turkey?

As echoed in previous posts, law school Thanksgivings can be a tough balance of: relaxation and work, family movies and tort law, avoiding relatives and FedRCivP Rule 23(B), etc etc. Having encountered my first law school Thanksgiving, I’m choosing to reflect on what the break taught me about slowing down. Before leaving for break, people […]

Finding your Sweet Spot

My decision to attend law school came after a long process of trial and error. In kindergarten, when everyone was deciding between being a princess or a rock star, I knew I was going to grow up to be a veterinarian. From the age of five years old, I was convinced I would spend my […]

Friday I’m in Love (with my clinic)

Like most folks, I love Fridays. My reverence for this day, however, does not merely stem from its proximity to the weekend. Rather, I love Fridays because they entail a visit to the Massachusetts State House. Remarkably, these weekly visits actually count as schoolwork! Having come to law school with a background in community organizing, […]

Upper-level Writing Requirement: Check

One of the graduation requirements at BU Law is that each student has to write a paper of publishable quality certified by a professor. To satisfy this requirement, students go through a peer review writing process to complete a paper of over 7,500 words excluding footnotes. Students can choose how they want to complete the […]

Donkey Kong Goes to Court

BU Law, like many law schools, has a writing requirement for upper-class students. In order to satisfy the requirement, students must write a paper or combination of shorter papers totaling 7,500 words, not counting footnotes. Further, students are required to get their paper “certified” by a faculty advisor. There are several ways in which students […]