Category: Extracurriculars

The Annual PIP Auction

This past Thursday, the Public Interest Project (PIP) hosted its annual gala and auction. I didn’t make it to the event during my 1L year, but after hearing rave reviews, I made sure to get to the student union ballroom this year to see what it was all about. Over the course of the last […]

Writer’s Block

You must do many things to graduate from law school, but one of the more formidable hurdles may be the upper-class writing requirement.  Seven thousand five hundred words. That may not sound like that much in the world of academia, but it can be a challenge to find the time to research, write, and edit […]

WIPIP Colloquium

Last week, I volunteered to assist with check-in and time keeping at the Works-In-Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium, or, as it is referred to, WIPIP. As someone who is interested in intellectual property, but who has not yet taken courses relating to the subject, I was eager to gain more exposure during this conference, and I’m […]

Being a BU Student (Not Just a Law Student)

As an undergraduate the campus of my small liberal arts school was 384 fenced in acres of green grass dotted with brick buildings. Almost everybody lived on campus, my farthest walk to class was 12 minutes, and social life was more or less contained within the upperclassmen dorms or friends’ rooms. Though Boston University is […]

Friday Firsts, featuring: Get Out of the Library!

This Friday was the first of the semester and I hit the ground running with a full schedule of extra-curricular activities. Law school is much more than just classes and grades, and my experiences on Friday certainly reaffirmed that! I began the day by covering Boston University School of Law’s American Journal of Law and […]