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Hungry for food

One thing about studying several hours a day is that you really build up an appetite. I continuously make the rookie mistake of not meal prepping so many of my meals (during finals especially) were ordered online or prepared for me by my lovely friends. Although my wallet suffered, I now have a wealth of […]

LALSA/BLSA Firm Visit Series

As second semester heats up, so does another semester of programming for the Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA). As one of LALSA’s Co-Presidents, I have been busily preparing our firm visit series which LALSA coordinates alongside the Black Law Students Association (BLSA). As a 1L, I benefitted greatly from LALSA’s Firm Visit Series and […]

Lawyering with Lovingkindness

One of the best classes I have taken during law school has been … tai chi. Classes offered at the BU Fitness and Recreation Center are available for audit with your law school tuition. They are a wonderful opportunity to get outside the Law School; I’ve also taken yoga at FitRec. If you’re like me and have no idea what tai […]

Finding the Rhythm

Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi softly whirred in the background as I put the finishing touches on my very first motion for summary judgment. Whoosh! With the push of a button, the draft sailed out of my hands and into the warm embrace of my Writing Fellow’s inbox. Relief and a dull sense of accomplishment washed over […]

New Year, New Things

Do not let anything fool you—grad school is NOT a continuation of undergraduate schooling. Grad school is most comparable to a full time, full encompassing job. I’m not even sure that 9-5 job your friend luckily snagged right after graduating that she snap chats you from everyday is even an accurate comparison.  Grad school is […]