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The Importance of Free Stuff

As most people know, graduate students are typically kind of broke. This is especially true in a city like Boston where, in addition to yearly tuition, the cost of living is also bizarrely high. A side effect of my extreme poverty (and yes, I use that term hyperbolically, not literally), I’ve developed a reputation among […]

Things to Do in Boston When You Have Nothing Better to Do

It’s kind of an oxymoron to be making a list of things to do when there’s nothing better to do because there’s always the underlying feeling of always having to study. So, while there’s definitely something better I could always be doing (studying, or something else productive like laundry), here are some things I’ve done […]

Keeping Clients Safe with Restraining Orders

One of the most common client issues I have encountered, while operating under SJC Rule 3:03 certification (which allows students to work with legal aid clients under supervision, among other things), is harassment or abuse from family members, intimate partners or acquaintances. Restraining orders are available to keep people safe. In Massachusetts, the only state where I have […]

Breweries of New England

With Spring Break in the rear view mirror, now is the time students need a getaway to look forward to after finals. For a beer lover like myself, there are no better cities and towns to visit than those with an abundance of breweries. Visiting breweries is a great way to experience the culture of a different […]

There go the Follies!

There are many pieces of advice you can plan on getting as you enter law school. One you may hear more often than others is that you should focus all of your energies during your 1L year on academics. Do not worry about or waste your time on anything else—your 1L grades are the most […]