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Interviews are one of the most nerve-wracking parts of law school.  It is important to have a thick skin because, chances are, you are going to get passed up by many employers before you find the right job.  Today, I had my first interview for a post-grad job and it was probably the best interview I […]

Things I Wish I Had Known Before 1st Semester

Order your textbooks early. I ordered books from the bookstore about a week early. A week is not enough time in some cases. I would suggest ordering books at least 2 weeks ahead of time. Because many law schools are vying for the same textbooks, they occasionally are backordered. Attending the first day of class […]

The Value of Networking

Networking is a buzzword that is thrown around almost as soon as you enter law school as a 1L. From advisers to upperclassmen to professors, a great deal of emphasis is placed on networking. As for my experience with networking, I initially had my doubts. I often thought how important can it be and is […]

Zero L Work Experience

Along with many other law students, I came into law school with work experience. After I graduated from Northeastern University, I worked as a paralegal at two different law firms for a little over two years in the Boston area. The two law firms I had the opportunity to work at prior to law school […]

Spell Check Doesn’t Believe in ‘Externships,’ but I Do

Externships are my favorite thing about 3L year! I have had the opportunity to enroll in two great externships (for the uninitiated, externship = internship done for class credit), so I can authoritatively say that they are worth the time and energy you put  into them, and the rewards are far greater than any risks you […]