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Movin’ on a Summer Afternoon

When I left for my internship in California this past summer, I did it with the assumption that I’d be coming back in August and settling back into life at my Comm Ave. apartment to get through 3L year. After all, the place seemed like an investment property for my landlord who lived in China […]

Beantown Beats

I’m often asked what I like to do in my free time, and the truth is that I love to consume music. From the first sour cold call of 1L through my most recent challenging week, music has kept me both mentally grounded and spiritually afloat. For my 30th birthday (which coincided with my very […]

3L Boston Bucket List

Keeping with the theme of every post I’ve written this year: I can’t believe I’ll be graduating in as little as 8 months. I’ll be going about my usual, everyday business of reading for class and catching up on assignments and then BOOM! I get an email about picking a Barprep course and I’m reminded […]

Last One, Best One

With school emails rolling in by the boatload and scary 1L Orientation beginning, I finally feel like I am in my last year of law school. While it’s ellard to fathom that I’ve actually lived through (and at some moments thrived) two whole years at BU Law, I realize I’ve made it as I prepare for […]

Harvard Bookstore Warehouse Sale: Must-do in Boston

Let’s be real: 95% of those in law school are (open or undercover) nerds, the ones who love learning, the kids who would read books for fun as soon as they learned how to read. I’m no exception, and while reading 286 Constitutional Law cases temporarily dampened my desire to read other books for fun, […]