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Coolidge Corner

When I moved to Boston this year it was a big jump due to the fact that it’s my first time living in the city. I had visited Boston hundreds of times before, as I’m from a suburban town in Northern Massachusetts, and I generally knew my way around all the big areas: North End, […]

Third Time’s the Charm

I realize that, at least for me, law school is one big circle and routinely saying “I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again.” And, for the sake of carrying on tradition, here it is: I can’t believe it’s finals time of the year again. But whether you believe it or not, the […]

The Thanksgiving Balance

Over the last three years of law school, Thanksgiving has been much different than years prior. However, despite the stress and pressure at this time of law school, Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday. Food. Football. Beer. Political conversations that you hopefully can avoid. It’s my personal favorite holiday and remains to be despite the law […]

Fall Foliage (Photography Post)

Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season. I love it when the air gets crisp and I can finally start wearing all of my favorite clothes again, and let’s be honest, I’m not one to turn down pumpkin-flavored anything. I’ve heard again and again that there’s nothing quite like New England in the Fall, and from […]

Showing Up For Public Interest

November 8th was a late night. Across the United States, all eyes were glued to the electoral map. The entire world held its breath, then the unthinkable happened—Donald Trump reached 270. Before November 9th I had never witnessed a collective stupor of this magnitude, and quietly wondered whether a zombie apocalypse would look much the […]