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Breweries of New England

With Spring Break in the rear view mirror, now is the time students need a getaway to look forward to after finals. For a beer lover like myself, there are no better cities and towns to visit than those with an abundance of breweries. Visiting breweries is a great way to experience the culture of a different […]

Being a Sports Fan in Boston

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 90 years, you probably have some inkling of the fact that Boston has a whole freaking lot of professional sports teams, and a whole freaking lot of very passionate sports fans. I’m sure the level of hysteria here could be somewhat tiring to someone who […]

A Tale of Cold and Food Coma

Several months ago, I finalized plans for my old college roommate who now lives in Philly to come visit me in Boston over the long weekend of Valentine’s Day/President’s Day. She is notorious for having a low cold tolerance (most of our freshman year of college involved silent, passive aggressive battles over our dorm room […]

Winter Advice from a Floridian

Having never lived outside the state of Florida and never having experienced a “real” winter, I was pretty terrified to throw myself into the deep end of the pool and move to Boston. Only adding to my fears was the fact that Boston received well over 100 inches of snow last winter and in my […]

Weekend Getaway in a Blizzard

I spent a weekend in New York City with my girlfriend. The only time I had seen the city before was in high school when I visited New York University. I am not a city girl by any means, but it was a fun trip and it was really nice to get away before the semester […]