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Weekend Balance

It’s no secret that 1L year is tough stuff, and you’re going to have a lot less free time than your friends, even ones in traditional grad school programs. While it’s study, study, study most of the time, it isn’t all of the time (well, at least it isn’t unless you’re in the months of […]

Warm Weather Activities in Boston

Now that it is FINALLY starting to heat up in Boston, I’m itching to spend a lot more time outside and thaw out from winter. I know this semester’s finals will be a bit harder on the soul, as outside will be beckoning much more attractively than the 20 degree wind did in December. There’s […]

March Madness: Law School Bracket Edition

Two years ago this week I stepped off the plane at Logan Airport with one thought in mind: this could be my home for at least the next three years.  When I was excepted to BU Law’s Class of 2018 in early March, I was overjoyed and simultaneously conflicted. BU was at the top of […]

From a City to a Home (Hopefully)

It’s now been almost two years since I made the move from Florida to Boston and I can’t help but still feel like a temporary visitor. Although I have no intention on moving back to Florida post-graduation, I somehow also don’t feel like I’ve made a home for myself in Boston. I recently realized that’s […]

Boston is for the Birds

As I made the long drive from Seattle to Boston on my way to BU Law, I picked up a birding guidebook so I could try and figure out what kinds of avian life I would see on the trip across the country. One thing I quickly learned is that bird watching is harder than […]