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Winter Advice from a Floridian

Having never lived outside the state of Florida and never having experienced a “real” winter, I was pretty terrified to throw myself into the deep end of the pool and move to Boston. Only adding to my fears was the fact that Boston received well over 100 inches of snow last winter and in my […]

Weekend Getaway in a Blizzard

I spent a weekend in New York City with my girlfriend. The only time I had seen the city before was in high school when I visited New York University. I am not a city girl by any means, but it was a fun trip and it was really nice to get away before the semester […]

New Year, New Things

Do not let anything fool you—grad school is NOT a continuation of undergraduate schooling. Grad school is most comparable to a full time, full encompassing job. I’m not even sure that 9-5 job your friend luckily snagged right after graduating that she snap chats you from everyday is even an accurate comparison.  Grad school is […]

Starting Second Semester

Between finals and the end of break, life seemed like a blur. Before I knew it, I was on my way back to Boston for Lawyering Lab. Lawyering lab is a unique, week-long opportunity to put skills into practice. Students are divided into teams that will work together all week representing one side or another. […]

The Space Saver Conundrum

With the first major snow event of the season occurring last weekend, space savers once again entered the stream of conscious for many Boston residents. Residents who must park their cars in crowded neighborhoods such as Allston, Brighton and Jamaica Plain often use a variety of items such as garbage cans and lawn chairs to […]