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The Day Before

What should you do the day before your first law school final? Probably little to nothing. Obviously, we will see how that goes since I am a 1L… BUT stressing and trying to cram all of the dense and complicated material you learned over the past few months is not going to help anyone. You have […]

Boston in December

Maybe it has something to do with my birthday being in December but I honestly love the winter and I think (if you can avoid dirty snow) Boston is beautiful in the snow. I crowdsourced the internet and found some fun things happening in Boston… once you survive finals and can enjoy the Holiday Season! Enjoy! THE […]

765 Comm Ave Study Spots

When I was in undergrad, I had my study spot. Third floor back tables of the library. During my tour of BU Law I started wondering where my study spot would be- McCausland Commons? A floor of the library? A study room? The GSU? Some other hidden area? Once classes began, I started exploring the […]

Judicial Internship FAQ

Entering November, the December 1st deadline for federal judicial internships starts to feel fast approaching. At this time last year, I was seriously questioning my commitment to applying for a spot in the federal court system. Drafting a cover letter, pulling together a writing sample, updating my resume, getting it all printed on bond paper, […]

4 Activities to Get You Through October

Hello readers! If any of you have read my blog posts from 1L, you’ll know that I learned one important thing in my first ever semester of law school: There is a time to panic and stress and be at school all weekend long, and there is a time that isn’t for those things. I […]