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Benefits of Having Had a Career Before Law School

Many people go straight from undergraduate studies to law school. For a person who has dreamed of being an attorney since a young age, this path makes sense: that person can start their dream career as soon as possible. Another benefit to going directly to law school is that you are still in study-mode and […]

The Law School Stereotype

Everyone comes to law school wanting to be the perfect student. I’m willing to bet that in most peoples’ ideal world, they will get straight A’s, book their classes, and graduate top of their class with an awesome job lined up. Coming in blind, a lot of people have an idea of how that will […]

It’s All in the Title

During my 1L year, my student mentor gave me the sound advice to sign up for Professor Kealy’s Legislative Drafting Clinic if I wanted to get some exposure to the “sausage-making” of legislation (Hint: it’s nothing like sausage-making). I signed up the first opportunity I could, which was this past semester. It’s a wonderful clinic. Not […]

A Practical Class Worth Taking

My favorite class this year so far is Wills, Trusts, and Estates. Almost every case we read follows the same pattern: A wealthy person dies – either intestate or with a will or trust. Then, family, friends, charities, and other entities litigate over the property (usually money), each claiming that it should be theirs. The […]

1(L) Does Not Equal 2(L)

As a 1L, I had heard that 1L and 2L are vastly different. Having experienced a semester as a 2L now, I can understand this opinion. However, there are other ways in which these years compare more than I had expected. 1L year is obviously unique in that you are handed a schedule of bar […]