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5 years ago, I called my dad. I was seriously considering applying to law school, and I wanted his advice. I have always been close to my dad, and long after turning 18, I continue to seek his wisdom and advice. He answered the phone. After the initial hello’s, I said, “Dad, I want your advice […]

Reflection: LSAT to J.D.

Motivation in law school can come and go. During 1L, motivation is often at its highest, because the grades that really matter are 1L grades. By 3L, staying motivated and keeping your head in the books can be very challenging. But the struggle to stay motivated is not limited to law school. I’ve heard from […]

Dreams Do Come True

I’m done with law school. I’m actually done. DONE. It’s been a week since I submitted my last paper, and it’s still sinking in. Tomorrow I get to sit alongside my classmates and receive a diploma that reflects three years of hard work, amazing experiences, and yes, tears. And I’m done! My path to law school […]

Seven Days

Seven days from today my fellow 3Ls and I will don our red and purple caps and gowns and graduate from BU Law. I’m ecstatic that one of my dearest friends is our student speaker, and I can’t wait to hear what words of wisdom and encouragement he will send us off with. As my […]

Farewell, Washington; Hello, Washington!

Thanks to BU Law’s Semester in Practice Program, my last day externing in the U.S. Senate was also my last day of law school. I could not have wished for a more perfect ending to these three wonderful years. Going into this externship, my primary goals were to learn how Congress conducts oversight over the […]