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Dark Days & Getting Through Them

My grandmother died after my second final in my first semester of law school. It feels a little gross to point out her death in this narrow context—contextualized by my exam schedule—but isn’t that how life works? A crisis happens and the world keeps moving on around you. In many ways, I was lucky. Marion […]

Easy Law School Breakfast To-Go!

So, let’s get this out of the way early: I am not a morning person, a breakfast person, or a cook. And that’s a tough place to be in when you have morning classes and don’t have a ton of time to eat beforehand. I found myself relying on protein bars that I could throw […]

Judicial Internship & 1L Summer Job Search

With the second semester of 1L underway, several things are different from the fall. First, the classes: Criminal Law, Property, and Constitutional Law. Second, we all have some grades now and are working to strategize for a new round of exams. Third, the hunt for the job is on (for most of us). Let’s talk about the third […]

Advice over Coffee

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with a prospective BU Law student over coffee. She is a friend of a friend and over the course of an hour, I found myself gushing about how I made the right decision choosing BU Law. I hope, if you’ve recently been accepted to BU Law, you’ll read […]

Makin’ Coffee in the Mornin’

One of the things my classmates make fun of me for every day is the ball jar I bring in with cold brew. I have three ways to make this cold brew and I am pretty sure they are just jealous because I never pay for the, pardon my French, garbage coffee they serve in […]