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Law in Luxembourg – Visit to the European Court of Justice

One of the best things about studying in Europe is how accessible so much of the continent is. As part of our degree program, my LLM program took us all to Luxembourg for a week to attend seminars and visit the European Court of Justice, which is basically the Supreme Court of Europe. A quick […]

Best Finals Advice So Far

For the past several weeks, I would estimate my life has consisted of nearly exclusively two things: 1) chart making, and 2) finals advice. Don’t get me wrong. As a IL, you’re hearing about finals from the very beginning of law school. But at the beginning, it’s a lot of “Don’t panic about finals until you get to […]

“Send Silence Packing”

The time between Thanksgiving and the December holidays can be filled with mixed emotions. Law students, like everyone else, remember those we have lost. We wish they could be with us, but we are also profoundly grateful for the time we had with them. As Christmas music starts to play on the radio and strings […]

3LLM Instead of 3LOL

Every law student knows about 3LOL. The year where you are supposed to be pining for your work life and bumming around in a couple of seminars to finish up your law school career, enjoying freedom and not having to take Contracts or do tech checks for journal… But most law students don’t know that […]

Why Did You Decide to Go to Law School?

“Hey Kim, why did you decide to go to law school.” When one of my classmates posed that question to me last week, I realized how long it had been since I’d thought about it. In between the stress of reading for classes, trying to outline for finals, panicking about job applications, remembering to feed […]