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Summer Lessons

As autumn is upon us, and winter is quickly approaching, it is rewarding for me to look back at my summer experience and review what I have learned. During the summer I was able to leave Boston and travel back home to sunny California. Returning home was good for me because after the stressful first […]

A Summary of Summer

Although we have officially moved onto autumn, I thought I would share a bit more about my summer after 1L. Since most 1L internships only last 10 weeks, there is still plenty of summer to enjoy between first and second year. Since I had a few weeks off in both May and August, I wanted […]

I Like Big Law and I Can’t Deny

Rolling out of my last final exam last semester was such a welcome relief from the stress and rigor of one crazy year. My rest & relaxation didn’t last long though, because my summer job was scheduled to start in just one week. I was apprehensive and nervous, but excited too. It was going to […]

The Displaced Food Snobs

At times Boston can feel like one giant college campus. Students are everywhere. You can see it on the T through the autumn as the morning commute slowly transforms from young professionals making their way to work to students making their way to class—and as finals get closer, bleary-eyed students in sweatpants and hoodies making […]

Part II – Landing a 2L Job (AKA How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Interviews)

I have a confession: I had a remarkably easy time finding a 1L summer internship, especially compared to my friends whose searches spanned countless interviews over a period of months. I, on the other hand, spotted my dream position on an internal job board, submitted my cover letter and resume, and received an offer without […]