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Scripted v. Prepared: Trying to bring that pilgrim-level confidence to the Moot Court

Let’s just say that public speaking at law school has not my strong suit. From awkwardly introducing myself to a cute boy at the first Bar Review as “Oh hey! You study in the café in the morning right next to me, and I watch you!” to almost crying on my first cold call in […]

The Final Finals

I’m fairly certain I start my blog posts with the same line every time but for old time’s sake I’ll do it again: I can’t believe this is my last semester of law school. Actually, it’s my last semester of school ever for the rest of my life. As someone who came to law school […]

Can You Believe It?

In some of the recent conversations I’ve had with friends and family, there has been a consistent question: “Just over a month left… Can you believe it?” They are asking in a “time flies” kind of way, meaning it’s amazing that three years have almost come and gone since my first day of classes as […]

Pregnant In Law School

It’s time to spill the beans—I’m pregnant! As far as I’m aware, I’m the fourth woman in my 3L class to get pregnant during law school, and two were already supermoms at the start of 1L. Since announcing my pregnancy, I’ve been surprised by the surge of questions I’ve received: How did I decide when […]

Finding New Hobbies When You Don’t Have Time

One of the things I struggled with most in law school was feeling like I didn’t have any time for my hobbies. Before law school, I was a college rower, an avid reader, and an active musical theater performer and choral singer. When I moved to Boston for law school, as you’ll understand if you […]