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Top 5 Quick Lunch Spots

During finals, you have to remind yourself to eat! So, here are a few of my favorite places around campus for a quick bite Cafe 472 is one of my favorite places for a panini and a smoothie! It’s straight down Comm Ave, so if you need to talk a walk as either a breather […]

Restaurant Spotlight: byCHLOE

by CHLOE has 3 locations here in Boston. One in Seaport, Backway and Fenway -the Fenway one being closest to school. They also deliver ! They are an all planted based restaurant. Their air baked fries are too die and are half the calories as traditional fries. Also the Quinoa Taco Salad is by far […]

3 things to do this Summer in Boston

The Esplanade A 3 mile long park that falls against the Charles River is the perfect place to take a run or have a picnic this summer. It is always sunny and is easily the best park in the Summer, because it isn’t littered with tourists and photographers. Red Sox Game It won’t be a […]

The Hero(ine)’s Legal Journey: Part Two

Find Part One here! Second Stage: The Supreme Ordeal (1L Year) The second stage itself has two parts: (1) a descent and (2) an ascent. The Descent: Semester One The descent involves wonderful and terrible experiences, just like the first semester of law school. Here the hero(ine) usually “approaches the inmost cave,” i.e. enters a […]

The Legal Hero(ine)’s Journey: Part One

One of my favorite topics to teach when I taught English literature was The Hero(ine)’s Journey, an archetypal progression that countless myths and epics stories have incorporated to some degree. Whether you pick up Gilgamesh, Harry Potter, Twilight, or the Bible, you will inevitably encounter the same handful of tropes in some form or other. […]