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Wrap on Follies!

President’s Day weekend marked a continuation of one of BU Law’s many proud traditions—the annual Legal Follies show. Over three nights, the twelve members of the Legal Follies and six members of Contraband put on a three-hour night of entertainment complete with live music, sketch comedy, and videos to help chase away some of the […]

Going to Prison

This semester I am taking Restorative Justice. It’s an interesting class because it is taught at the School of Theology. The class has both graduate “theologians” as well as law students. I believe (although I could be wrong) that it is the only class on the list of courses the law school offers that is […]

Exploring North End

One of my favorite aspects of attending law school in Boston is the fact that Boston offers a number of distinct neighborhoods. Within a ten-minute walk or a ride on the T, you can find yourself in a completely different setting with completely different attractions. From Back Bay to North End, Beacon Hill to South […]

There’s Snow Time Like Your First Time

If you’re currently situated somewhere in the Northeastern United States, then you’re well aware of the current state of the weather union. But, if you haven’t yet been briefed on the situation, here it is in one word: SNOW. While this isn’t my first snowy rodeo, it is only my second real New England winter […]

Taking a Break…

Winter break is a sacred time for law students – finals are over, there are no homework obligations, and you can finally just breathe. A three-week break from classes, casebooks, and computer screens is a treat in itself. Although having time off is gift enough, having the opportunity to revisit hobbies and to try new […]