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Following the Whisky Trail

At some point in my younger years, when I could first belly up to a bar and order a drink legally, I asked the bartender to pour me a house specialty. “We don’t have that,” he said. “We have whisky.” Unsure of what to order, I said I’d take one, any one, and he poured […]

The Ghost of Finals Past

Well, the time has finally come. I stepped off of the plane last night back into Boston, and with the blast of cold air comes the inevitable blast of finals stress. Despite my best efforts to forget that I am, in fact, a law student over the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s now time for me to […]

Star Trek: Law School Enterprise

Reading is a huge part of law school, and fortunately, I always loved to read, both fiction and non-fiction. Since I’ve been in law school, I’ve read some books for fun, but not nearly as many as I normally do. It’s like if you eat your favorite meal every day… you no longer want the […]

Law School Thanksgiving

            Exams are just a few weeks after Thanksgiving, so the past three Thanksgiving holidays I have spent studying. Last year I spent every single day during the break (including the actual Thanksgiving Day) studying Evidence. This year, my Thanksgiving involves researching for papers and studying for Wills, Trusts, and […]

Charting a Path

One of the questions I hear over and over again is, “Why did you want to go to law school?” It’s been a surprisingly tricky question to answer. I am not sure exactly when it clicked—I took a Constitutional History class during undergrad that I really enjoyed, so maybe that was the first step on […]