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How Far You’ve Come, and How Far You Will Go

April 30th, 2017, and I’m sitting at the (almost) end of my second year of law school. Honestly, I’m not really sure where all that time has gone, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because wondering how time passes so quickly one of the biggest cliches there is. In any case, realizing that I’m […]

‘Twas the Night Before Finals

‘Twas the night before Finals, when all through the school Not a creature was stirring, just like a gag rule; The outlines were bound by the laptops with care, In hopes that test answers lie somewhere in there. The 1L were weeping so far from their beds; While visions of law review danced in their […]

Recommendations to 1L-self

At the end of 3L year, what advice would I give to my 1L-self?  What would I do differently?  What would I do the same?  I’ve seen some other people post about this topic, but I think my post — being uniquely what I personally would do… (everyone is different) — will add to the […]

Life in the BU Criminal Clinic

One of the many great opportunities BU Law has to offer its students is the chance to participate in a clinic. Doctrinal classes are obviously an incredibly important part of the foundation of an attorney’s legal education, and seminars are excellent at stimulating dialogue on some truly fascinating topics in many different subject areas. Nothing […]

computer or no computer?

Many professors allow computers during class, so most students bring their laptops.  There are always a few students in each class who don’t.  I think it’s much better to not bring your laptop (although this statement is completely hypocritical because most of time, if allowed, I have brought my laptop). I think it’s so much […]