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First Generation

When I tell people that I am studying law, they often follow up and ask whether my parents are in the legal field. The fact that, no, neither of my parents studied law often seems to come as a surprise to those asking. Law seems to be understood as a career path that tends to […]

Showing Up For Public Interest

November 8th was a late night. Across the United States, all eyes were glued to the electoral map. The entire world held its breath, then the unthinkable happened—Donald Trump reached 270. Before November 9th I had never witnessed a collective stupor of this magnitude, and quietly wondered whether a zombie apocalypse would look much the […]


Between studying for class and working on various journals and other projects, a handful of students may have something else on their mind: Trial. The BU Law Mock Trial team is working hard this semester. With one competition down and one competition still to come, don’t be alarmed if you notice someone alone in a […]

Exploring New England

BU attracts students from all over the U.S. and across the globe. I chose BU not only for its great academic programs, but also for its location in a major city…. and in a region that I had always wanted to explore: the northeast. Some students are from here; others intend to remain here after […]

Revisiting Some Fall Favorites

By this point in the semester, life has gotten busy. Finals have edged into sight, and outlining seems to be a constant obligation. Supplements have become as crucial as textbooks (maybe even more so in some cases!) in unraveling notes from the first week that no longer seem to make any sense. But it is […]