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Revisiting Some Fall Favorites

By this point in the semester, life has gotten busy. Finals have edged into sight, and outlining seems to be a constant obligation. Supplements have become as crucial as textbooks (maybe even more so in some cases!) in unraveling notes from the first week that no longer seem to make any sense. But it is […]

Summer Lessons

As autumn is upon us, and winter is quickly approaching, it is rewarding for me to look back at my summer experience and review what I have learned. During the summer I was able to leave Boston and travel back home to sunny California. Returning home was good for me because after the stressful first […]

A Summary of Summer

Although we have officially moved onto autumn, I thought I would share a bit more about my summer after 1L. Since most 1L internships only last 10 weeks, there is still plenty of summer to enjoy between first and second year. Since I had a few weeks off in both May and August, I wanted […]

I Like Big Law and I Can’t Deny

Rolling out of my last final exam last semester was such a welcome relief from the stress and rigor of one crazy year. My rest & relaxation didn’t last long though, because my summer job was scheduled to start in just one week. I was apprehensive and nervous, but excited too. It was going to […]

The Displaced Food Snobs

At times Boston can feel like one giant college campus. Students are everywhere. You can see it on the T through the autumn as the morning commute slowly transforms from young professionals making their way to work to students making their way to class—and as finals get closer, bleary-eyed students in sweatpants and hoodies making […]