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Pregnant In Law School

It’s time to spill the beans—I’m pregnant! As far as I’m aware, I’m the fourth woman in my 3L class to get pregnant during law school, and two were already supermoms at the start of 1L. Since announcing my pregnancy, I’ve been surprised by the surge of questions I’ve received: How did I decide when […]

Finding New Hobbies When You Don’t Have Time

One of the things I struggled with most in law school was feeling like I didn’t have any time for my hobbies. Before law school, I was a college rower, an avid reader, and an active musical theater performer and choral singer. When I moved to Boston for law school, as you’ll understand if you […]

Whip Around: 3 Non-Academic, Spring Semester Highlights

Hello Readers! With finals only a few weeks away (already… how did we get here), I started looking back at my old posts to decide what to write about next, and I realized something sort of sad… My blog revolves around school just as much as the rest of my life does. I mean, it makes […]

Moot Court Travels

This past weekend, I flew to DC (from Paris!!!) for the Siegenthaler-Sutherland National First Amendment Moot Court Competition! So last year, around this time, I applied to be a competitor on one of BU’s 3L moot court teams. I was lucky enough just to be chosen, and luckier still that the moot court staff and […]

From Florida to Boston

No matter how many times I tell people I was born and raised in South Florida and willingly chose to move to Boston they never understand why. Looking back, my decision to move to Boston was more about me just wanting to leave Florida than me specifically wanting to settle in Boston. In fact, I […]