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Life in the BU Criminal Clinic

One of the many great opportunities BU Law has to offer its students is the chance to participate in a clinic. Doctrinal classes are obviously an incredibly important part of the foundation of an attorney’s legal education, and seminars are excellent at stimulating dialogue on some truly fascinating topics in many different subject areas. Nothing […]

computer or no computer?

Many professors allow computers during class, so most students bring their laptops.  There are always a few students in each class who don’t.  I think it’s much better to not bring your laptop (although this statement is completely hypocritical because most of time, if allowed, I have brought my laptop). I think it’s so much […]

3L Courses

Like many schools, your 1L schedule at BU Law is created for you and generally consists of Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Property, Lawyering Skills, and Lawyering Lab. For the most part, students are free to choose from more than 200 courses and seminars after 1L. For this post, I thought I […]

A Week in the Life: Part Two

When I was a 1L, I wrote about a week in my life as a 1L. Two years later, my life as a 3L has become very different. Notably, I have much more free time now, despite taking five classes. The overwhelming stress of 1L and 2L has largely disappeared, although the white hairs have […]

Warm Weather Activities in Boston

Now that it is FINALLY starting to heat up in Boston, I’m itching to spend a lot more time outside and thaw out from winter. I know this semester’s finals will be a bit harder on the soul, as outside will be beckoning much more attractively than the 20 degree wind did in December. There’s […]