About Sarah S.

Year: Class of 2015

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Education: BA, Political Science, Nonfiction Writing, Minors: Legal Studies, Film Studies, University of Pittsburgh ’12

Activities: Student Government Association, Boston Cares volunteer, Public Interest Project, Intellectual Property Law Society, National Security Law Society

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More about Sarah: “I graduated Spring 2012 from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in Creative Nonfiction Writing and Political Science (and minors in Film Studies and Legal Studies: yes I did all of that in four years, no I did not sleep very much). I also wrote for the school newspaper, The Pitt News, and worked as an office assistant in Pitt’s Office of General Counsel (in perfect honesty a lot more photocopying and filing than genuine legal experience, but good exposure nonetheless).

“In the shreds of spare time law school leaves me (Yes, you do sometimes have spare time in law school.. well, ‘spare’ isn’t the right term, strategically managed non-library time, perhaps) I like yoga and running 5ks, cooking, museums and concerts. I’m a lot more likely to be doing laundry and guiltily watching some egregiously bad television (Have you seen Scandal? It’s awful and I can’t look away), but those are the things I wish I was doing.

“Within the law tower I’m a 1L Section Representative to the Student Government Association and Alumni Coordinator for CESLA (the Communications, Entertainment, and Sports Law Association).”