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The Time of my Life

Winter break is almost over.  Students of all ages are heading back to school, and those who have had time off from their jobs now find themselves having to return to them.  The holidays have come and gone and a new year has begun.  Many memorable things have happened over these past two weeks.  In […]

University of Where?

We all remember our undergraduate experiences.  For some, being an undergrad seems like a distant memory.  For others, the years in college are still fresh in their minds.  In my section there are individuals who earned their degrees, both bachelor’s and master’s, from universities all across the country.  Each of us represent our schools while […]

Leaving the Library

Unfortunately, I’m getting started on the BU Law blog just as final exams are shifting from a distant worry to a source of daily angst. Since this is my first time going through the law school exam process, all I can offer right now is fearful speculation. As that is far from productive, I’m not […]

Jumping In

Starting 1L year is like jumping in the deep end of a pool. There’s no easing in slowly, no time to get acclimated; you’re submerged almost as soon as you enter the classroom. Inevitably, you spend a few days flailing around. Soon, you learn to tread water. Eventually, you’re back on your feet. My name […]

Studying Law in Boston

As my third month as a law student approaches, I can now say with substantial certainty that this is where I am meant to be.  Yet, I can’t point to just one thing that confirmed this for me.  What has really made me sure that coming to BU Law was the right decision has been […]

First Post!

Hi all, My name is Krystyna Marini and welcome to my BU Law blog! I’m so excited to give prospective students a glimpse into life at BU Law. Through my posts, I hope to shed light both on the day to day life of law students and some of the many great events going on […]