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Summer (school) Events

Leading up to finals week I caught myself daydreaming all the time about the fun summer events I had planned: my close friend’s wedding (and bachelorette party!), my niece joining the world (hi, Savannah!), the Boston Pizza Festival, James Taylor at Tanglewood on the 3rd of July… the list went on, and soon my weekends […]

WIPIP Colloquium

Last week, I volunteered to assist with check-in and time keeping at the Works-In-Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium, or, as it is referred to, WIPIP. As someone who is interested in intellectual property, but who has not yet taken courses relating to the subject, I was eager to gain more exposure during this conference, and I’m […]

Journeys To The Other Washington

The winding down of Thanksgiving weekend means only one thing to law students: the mad-dash to outline, the deciphering of jargon in notebook margins, the sharp uptick in caffeination. This is finals pre-gaming at its finest. But we’re not there just yet. Rather than hurl forward into the inevitable abyss, I will linger here and […]