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The Day Before

What should you do the day before your first law school final? Probably little to nothing. Obviously, we will see how that goes since I am a 1L… BUT stressing and trying to cram all of the dense and complicated material you learned over the past few months is not going to help anyone. You have […]

Free From the Curve

There are times when the law school experience can be rough to say the least -at times that is a catastrophic understatement- but fellow law student friends can be an absolute saving grace. It’s incredible to have people who know firsthand what you’re going through, and even better to have people who know exactly what you’e […]

A Foodie’s Paradise

Before moving to Boston, I was unaware that the city had such a vibrant restaurant scene.  For my first two years of law school, I didn’t venture out of Brighton too much.  Now that I live in South End, I have all the wonderful restaurants within walking distance.  Little did I know these restaurants were […]