Can you believe it’s December tomorrow?!?!

Hey everybody!

This is our first official foray into the blogosphere and I’m sure most of you are trying to figure out what we’ll be talking about here.  The funny thing is we’re trying to sort that out too!  However we do have some motives so why not come straight out with it – there are some great things happening at the law school and we want to share that with you.  Also our website’s got some really useful info so maybe you’ll go visit it once in a while too.  As well we can just do our best to be entertaining during your long days of studying.

That all being said it’s the last week of classes so really what could be going on that’s important enough to talk about today?  How about a fantastic reason to take a break from studying that also guarantees you some good food?  Tomorrow is the Law School Holiday Party!  Yes, we’re having the holiday party on December 1st and that’s early.  But over the next few weeks you’ll be too busy studying and come time for the holidays you’ll all be home with your families as we sit in a very quiet law tower (cue the violins).  So tomorrow come join our office and the faculty in Room 1270 from 12:30 to 2:30 for plenty of food, live music, and some fun early holiday cheer!

It’s one more chance for everyone to socialize before you settle down into your favorite studying spot for finals.  Also this is another great procrastinating opportunity.  You could even say the same thing for reading this blog but if that’s our biggest reason for getting readers than I’m not complaining – in fact I encourage it!

So, hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow afternoon in 1270.  Don’t forget to check back here for more updates on law tower life or maybe just an interesting story.

Happy (very very early) Holidays, Josh