Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hello? Is anyone out there? Don’t turn that light off – I’m still working back here!

Yes it’s true.  While all of you head home with exams officially over we are still working to tie up loose ends of the semester and prepping for the spring semester (it’s hard to say ‘spring semester’ when there’s snow on the ground).  But wait!  There’s no need to be upset or start an online […]

Golden Globe nominations announced – inexplicably, law school exams continue

I love going to the movies.  The theater experience of sitting with my favorite candy and soda can make a crappy movie not seem totally awful.  Watching them at home isn’t half bad either – Netflix in my humble opinion is as important as running water.  Almost everyone enjoys the movies as a bit of […]

Managing Exams, Part 2, And Having Fun

It’s day 3 of exam period, a difficult time.  If you’re feeling high anxiety or stress, know that you’re not alone!  BU Health Services has several great tips to help with relaxation and time and stress management: see Which brings me to the weekend and having fun…Please take time this weekend to do something fun.  […]

It’s that time again–exams (ick)

During law school I always found the month of November to be bittersweet—sweet because of the thanksgiving holiday break (time to eat, catch one’s breath, and MAYBE catch up on homework!), bitter because exams were just around the corner.  It was easy to feel the added tension; sometimes the library seemed like a claustrophobic submarine! […]