Hello? Is anyone out there? Don’t turn that light off – I’m still working back here!

Yes it’s true.  While all of you head home with exams officially over we are still working to tie up loose ends of the semester and prepping for the spring semester (it’s hard to say ‘spring semester’ when there’s snow on the ground).  But wait!  There’s no need to be upset or start an online petition for our freedom from the tower.  We will be done in a couple of days and then we actually get a week off.  Although it was a fleeting moment I do appreciate your concern.  But that’s a great aspect of the BU Law community.  For all the care and concern we have for the students we do genuinely feel that it’s reciprocated.  Plenty of warm wishes and homemade baked treats made their way to our office and it means a great deal to all of us.  My belt may be working extra hard because of it but the consumption totally rests on my shoulders.  All I can say on behalf of the office is thanks.

All of the seasonal good cheer got me thinking of what I could do for all of you.  I don’t think baking for all of you is possible and anyhow, we have Student Appreciation Day again in February – and instead of Ben and Jerry’s it’s all you can eat Dunkin’ Donut munchkins.  I could entertain you with my amazing lip syncing and dancing but Follies has already put those skills to good use.

So I think this blog is the best way for me to reach the most people.  I thought long and hard about my time as a law student and what you would want most.  After a good cry to recover from bringing up those repressed memories I realized I could gift all of you with what I could have used most as a law student – better means of distraction once the spring semester begins.

So as I prepped my original list I realized that faculty and other administrators might frown upon me giving you means of distraction.  For that reason I changed my tack and made my selections more relevant.  Listed below are a few blogs that are law related but also tie in some other interests as well.  You can dig into your favorite pastimes and the law all at once!  Anyhow, without further ado here are my suggestions for some great law related websites to check out when you’re looking to procrastinate you’ve done all of your studying and looking to further your legal knowledge by other means.

For those who live, breathe, and die for sports and want to know where ESPN meets IIED:

Can you sue someone for wearing a really ugly dress?  Is the only places where fashion and law meet for you in the choice not to wear sweats to class?  Check out more on fashion law straight from the streets of NYC.

THR is great for entertainment news but their legal blog brings you more info on the fighting, backstabbing, and suing that makes Hollywood so much fun! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/blogs/thr-esq

What if the full extent of the law had to be played out in the world of superheroes?  Two attorneys use dry wit and sharp legal theory to discuss entertaining topics such as superpowers and the second amendment:

Probably the most serious blog on this list but I know the topic is near and dear to your hearts.  For example, learn how they got Four Loko off the shelves so fast:

I hope you all have a wonderful time off, enjoy all of the holidays and come back for the next semester energized for another four great months.  There is so much in store for you both inside and outside the classroom and we’ll be posting more here about the happenings around the tower.

See you in the New Year, Josh