Welcome back, what did you bring me?

Nothing?  I beg to differ.

Hopefully you have had a nice relaxing break somewhere warm or with friends and family. What you’ve undoubtedly brought back is you – but not the harried finals version – the excited, enthusiastic, energetic versions that first set foot here in September!

We’ve been here since last week plotting away the semester and I’m just really excited to have you all back in the tower.  The quiet that has pervaded the tower as of late is finally gone.  The building is humming with activity or that noise may just be elevator #4 stuck on 17.  Either way there is excitement because there’s a lot to be done.  As any 2L or 3L can attest to the second semester always seems to fly by twice as fast as the fall.

So that means we have to get started on basically, well, everything.  It’s January and we started taking the first steps to work on August’s 1L Orientation – you’ll be hearing about Welcomer applications very soon.  The SGA is prepping for budget presentations in just a week from now and they were here last week working on the Ski Trip, Law Prom, Off the Record and other big events.  The Student Advisor Program is gearing up for the big Trivia Night at the Landsdowne Pub, PIP is hitting the next gear for the Auction and Follies is goofing around extra hard to bring you a great show next month.  I’ve already talk to many other groups and there are so many other amazing programs that are in store.  Don’t forget that we put together some events too and the CDO has lots of informative and useful workshops headed your way as well.

So my welcome back ‘gift’ to all of you is a reminder that we have some fantastic stuff happening over the next few months.  Yes there are classes to take and job searches to be done, and outside of that most people only care about the free food at events and Spring Break.  But check out the announcements from our office, look at the scroll on the lobby board, read the SGA Monday Emails.  There are going to be a lot of opportunities to fill up your calendar this semester and I’d hate for you to miss out.

Enjoy your first day back in class, Josh