Do you have what it takes to wear an overly bright t-shirt and smile all day?!?!

Student Welcomers 2010

Perhaps you were a Welcomer last year and you already know how much fun it can be.  Maybe you’re a 1L and the Welcomers were the most important part of your Orientation experience.  There’s also the slight possibility they just didn’t cut it for you last year and you want to do an even better job.  Either way our office would love to have you as part of the Welcomer program.

I know that it’s pretty straightforward as to what a Welcomer is, what they do and how much they mean to the 1L’s.  However I wanted to take the opportunity to express how much the Welcomers mean to our office.  Over the years the number of Welcomers we’ve had each year has exploded.  In the six Orientations I have personally been a part of that number has doubled.  We do our best to reach out to as many students as possible but your first hand experience is really what makes the difference.  That’s something that we try our best to convey but it will never be as convincing as all of you.

Also the huge increase in Welcomer numbers has really allowed us to do so much more with Orientation.  We could not be as creative and flexible as we are from year to year to meet student demands if it wasn’t for your assistance.  That’s right – your simple presence makes a huge difference.  So please consider being a Welcomer for Orientation this coming year.  You can really have a big impact in the life of an incoming 1L.  They learn the city through you, meet other students through your efforts and have their first opinions of BU law shaped by your guidance.  There aren’t many volunteer jobs that are this important and this much fun.  Answer emails over the summer, hang out with them for those couple of days when necessary and get a brightly colored shirt, a bunch of free food and maybe an extra BU Law trinket or two.

We appreciate your time and efforts now, then and in the future, as it helps make Orientation great.  The incoming 1L’s don’t know it yet but they’ll be just as thankful too when they meet you as their Welcomer in August.

Welcoming you to join us, Josh