What do Atticus Finch, Count Chocula, and Saved by the Bell all have in common? – BU LAW Pub Trivia!

Thanks to all who organized and came out for last night’s Pub Trivia! Despite the snow (Pop quiz: How much snow is typical in Boston in January?), new classes and lots of other events,  close to 250 law students gathered at Lansdowne Pub for Trivia.  The event was cosponsored by our office, the Student Advisors Program and the Student Government Association.  With almost 50 teams playing, the competition was stiff but that only seemed to fuel everyone’s energy!


There were three rounds of general questions, three bonus rounds and a big Final Wager questions to ensure that everyone was still in the mix until the very end.  We tried to keep all questions away from the law to give people a break from academia.  Think of the night as being stuck in Jeopardy’s potpourri round – food, astronomy, television, art, sports, history, etc.  During the first 2 bonus rounds teams had to identify pop culture lawyers and then legal movies but some found it objectionable that I even dare bring the law to a place of fun.  After the friendly heckling subsided, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


At the end of it all we still had to go to a tie breaker question to determine the finalists.  Winners were announced.  Victors were cheered.  Some spirits were crushed.  Afterwords as Trivia came to a close the evening continued seamlessly into the SGA Bar Review.  Live band karaoke kicked in immediately and law students quickly took to the stage to express themselves in a way much different than they do in school.  The question is which is more pressure to deal with – the Socratic method in class or being forced on stage by your peers?  Either way I’ll just stick to trivia.

Readying for the next round of questions, Josh