Monthly Archives: February 2011

Playing the Air Guitar at Work for a Good Cause

Yes, I rock a mean air guitar. But the thought of bringing those skills to the work place is never something you plan on. However last week I found myself shredding my invisible axe all for the sake of the BU Law community via Legal Follies.  Anyhow, with the shows coming up later this week […]

That law school fear never leaves you–until it (mostly) does

A few days ago I had a “law school” dream.  I dreamt that Professor Volk and I (who both went to law school a while ago) had to take a law school exam given by one of our new faculty members.  The exam was two essay questions.  I didn’t write much.  As we left the […]

To Loathe and Love the Snow: A New Englander’s Lament of this Winter

I love the winter.  I loathe this current winter.  Freshly fallen snow is a beautiful thing to see.  The sight of snow this winter terrifies me as my driveway resembles a white tunnel on the verge of a cave-in.  As someone who grew up around here I’m not really too put off by a long […]