To Loathe and Love the Snow: A New Englander’s Lament of this Winter

Polar Bear

I love the winter.  I loathe this current winter.  Freshly fallen snow is a beautiful thing to see.  The sight of snow this winter terrifies me as my driveway resembles a white tunnel on the verge of a cave-in.  As someone who grew up around here I’m not really too put off by a long winter but the shear amount of snow this year is almost soul crushing.

However, I ask all of you to look beyond the giant piles of snow (if that’s physically possible) and try to remember how wonderful snow can be.  In proper amounts it makes an already scenic Boston more beautiful.  It gives us the opportunity to sled, ski, build snowmen and drink more hot chocolate.  Yes it can delay class, cause back aches from shoveling and simply look gross as the traffic along Comm Ave turns the snow a dingy grey.  But for all you Southerners and West Coasters how exciting was it to have your first ‘snow day’?  That’s a rite of passage your friends from home will never experience.

We in New England get the full 4-season experience and without snow that just wouldn’t be true.  The fall has its gorgeous colors and the spring and summer bring some wonderful weather to spend time outdoors, leaving winter to get a bum rap.  Why are winters known as harsh, dreary, and sullen?  The cold air is invigorating, a blanket of snow can make a sight more picturesque, and the activities that are snow based are absolutely exciting.

While this winter is a bit extreme, as all New Englanders know – this too will pass and as we are currently in the spring semester so think Spring! Here in the law school we have so many recurring spring activities to think about – Student Appreciation Day, Legal Follies, Law Prom, Off the Record, the BU Law 5K, the PIP Auction, Commencement.  These are yearly events that are distinct signs that spring has come to BU Law.  Snow exists out there but it can still be our spring semester.  It can be like spring in the law tower no matter what it looks like outside!

Looking forward to mowing my lawn, Josh

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Andrea posted on February 16, 2011 at 5:15 PM

yay!! i love it! i can hear your voice. and the postcard is awesome too! as a cali native i whole heartedly agree that my first snow day was one of the most thrilling.

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