That law school fear never leaves you–until it (mostly) does

examsA few days ago I had a “law school” dream.  I dreamt that Professor Volk and I (who both went to law school a while ago) had to take a law school exam given by one of our new faculty members.  The exam was two essay questions.  I didn’t write much.  As we left the room, I said to Professor Volk, “You didn’t have much to write for those questions, did you?”  He looked at me in his typical “Professor Volk” way (i.e., are you crazy??) and said, “What do you mean?  I wrote a lot!”   And suddenly I felt that pit in my stomach—you know, that feeling that comes with law school exams and to which nothing compares.

Then I woke up, relieved.  And I remembered that dreams are filled with exaggerations.  I may not have written much in my dream, but in reality I clerked for judges, practiced law, and wound up at BU Law—all happy and successful experiences.  And I realized that I haven’t had a law school dream in a long time.  So, if you have any of those law school dreams, don’t fret—they do go away….mostly.

Dean Marx