Playing the Air Guitar at Work for a Good Cause


Yes, I rock a mean air guitar. But the thought of bringing those skills to the work place is never something you plan on. However last week I found myself shredding my invisible axe all for the sake of the BU Law community via Legal Follies.  Anyhow, with the shows coming up later this week I decided to reflect upon the things I have done in the name of Legal Follies.

Not being a cast member but still willing to subject myself to their whim, I have now over the years: rocked the air guitar, lip-synched to Ke$ha, carried around Dean Marx’s purse like her servant, and ran across Comm Ave in the middle of the day wearing a ski mask. When I think about the nerve I needed to do these things I realize it’s nothing compared to what the students in the show actually do. As a contributor but more importantly a fan, I have nothing but admiration for the students in Legal Follies.

They go on stage and leave it all out there for a live audience. Not only that, this audience is made up of their law school peers – soon to be attorney peers. But that’s not the full story. Where they’re even more impressive is the time and energy put into the show while still being full time law students. They put in crazy long hours for all of us to enjoy while also doing/attempting to do all of their class work.  And these students aren’t slouches either.  Just look at the Directors who both have other responsibilities such as to a Journal Editorial board or working in the Criminal Clinic.

While I have a full time job I gave up half an hour of my time.  All of Follies, band included have put in countless hours.  I know it’s a choice and is extremely tangential to their legal endeavors but it does give back to the community.  This balancing act of academics and other activities is great practice for the world outside of law school.

So enjoy the shows this week.  Watch your classmates step out in a way you’ve never expected and realize that they do this just as much for you as they do for themselves.  Also, know that it isn’t easy.  Even on the air guitar you can hit a wrong note.

ROTFL at Follies, Josh

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