Monthly Archives: March 2011

You Can Learn A Lot From A Dummy – A Different Kind Of Public Service Announcement

Do you remember those PSA superstars from the late 80’s and 90’s that crashed (pun intended, sorry) into pop culture for the benefit of our safety?  Public service announcements have had a long history dating back all the way to World War Two.  They’re there to raise awareness of issues, possibly even to motivate you […]

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (on spring break)?

Spring break is almost over which means we’re going to start seeing some of you around the tower soon, many with jealousy-inducing tans.  Although I wouldn’t have minded some time by the beach, or traveling anywhere really, I’m genuinely excited for all of you. Seriously. I am. Whether it was a fun destination, a visit […]

Diversity By Another Name – Introducing the CRS Forum

Back in 1872, Isaac Rich, Lee Clafin and Jacob Sleeper created BU Law, the second school as part of the Boston University system.  Upon deciding that a law school would be a good thing, Clafin, Rich and Sleeper also made a crucial decision in creating the first law school class at BU Law.  They decided […]