Diversity By Another Name – Introducing the CRS Forum

Back in 1872, Isaac Rich, Lee Clafin and Jacob Sleeper created BU Law, the second school as part of the Boston University system.  Upon deciding that a law school would be a good thing, Clafin, Rich and Sleeper also made a crucial decision in creating the first law school class at BU Law.  They decided that anyone of ability would be admitted.  Unlike some other area institutions, BU Law decided to admit women, people of color, people in the LGBTQ community and those of various religious and ethnic backgrounds.   Apply to BU Law, have the ability and one was admitted to law school – it was that simple.  While admittance may be more challenging today, there is at least one constant BU Law remains committed to providing a top-notch legal education to those who are qualified regardless of what box or boxes you may check on your application.

Each year during a certain time period, we celebrate and talk about diversity in the legal education, at BU Law, and in the world at large.  While we have enjoyed the various events that take place during “Diversity Month” – it is time for a change.  As a law school seeking to set trends and not follow trends, we are going to celebrate, acknowledge, and talk about diversity all year long.

We want to create an environment where diversity is a natural part of our institution;

an environment where we can have discussions about often sensitive and somewhat difficult issues;

an environment where we can celebrate cultural traditions of those different from us.

Thus begins the CRS Forum.  The CRS Forum (initials representing our founders) will sponsor and co-sponsor events throughout the year focusing on academic topics, cultural celebrations, and/or diversity issues.  This forum will still have events that discuss diversity in the legal profession which is applicable to all future attorneys, so we are not avoiding diversity talk.  Instead we are expanding it and showcasing the fact that diversity really is a part of each person’s everyday life to some degree.  Look out for the flyers for the exciting events we will hold this semester.  Also if you are interested in helping to plan an event in the future or have an interesting topic idea or just want to know more, please stop by or send me an email.