Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (on spring break)?

Tan Picture

Spring break is almost over which means we’re going to start seeing some of you around the tower soon, many with jealousy-inducing tans.  Although I wouldn’t have minded some time by the beach, or traveling anywhere really, I’m genuinely excited for all of you.

Seriously. I am.

Whether it was a fun destination, a visit to your parents, a legal service trip, or staying in Boston to get work done all of you did get a break from the day to day life of law school.  And for that I am truly excited for all of you.

Really though spring break to me isn’t about “recharging your batteries”, letting loose, or taking time to catch up on life.  I’ve always thought of it as your chance to get your life in order.  Not in the sense that you have to sit down, make a spreadsheet and hire a life coach, but to simply make the most out of the week in the best way possible for you.  That’s why no matter if you’re too old for Cancun or too young to be a homebody, if that’s what you needed to do to come back and have a successful end to the semester than that was the best thing to do.

So when you get back to the tower stop by and tell me about your spring break.  I really do want to hear what you did.  And if you want I can tell you all about my spring break.  The first day I came to work and got a lot of stuff done.  The next day I came to work and did different stuff.  I got that done too.  The third day . . . I went to work again.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  I still had a great week though, not to worry.  Daylight savings brought the light, and half decent weather made being outside that much better.  That’s good enough for me.

Sunning on BU Beach by myself, Josh