You Can Learn A Lot From A Dummy – A Different Kind Of Public Service Announcement


Do you remember those PSA superstars from the late 80’s and 90’s that crashed (pun intended, sorry) into pop culture for the benefit of our safety?  Public service announcements have had a long history dating back all the way to World War Two.  They’re there to raise awareness of issues, possibly even to motivate you to take action.  And like the crash test dummies, some have had more of an impact than others.  Who remembers the late 80’s: “This is your brain . . . this is your brain on drugs” replete with scrambled eggs.

Well today I have a different type of public service announcement. Today is the 20th annual Public Interest Auction and I’m asking you to go, enjoy yourself, and give to public interest.  I know that public interest work isn’t for everyone but it is immensely important to society.  You’re helping law students to take some meaningful jobs this summer by helping to fund grants.  And I’m not just talking about meaningful to them but for those who they help as well.

When I was a law student I spent both my 1L and 2L summers doing public interest work.  The first was for a state agency and the second was a small non-profit.  It was hands on work with people and immediately I felt like was having an impact on the lives of our clients.  Not only did the situation allow me to make a difference to those in need but the practical experience was second to none.  The chance as a law student to be in a position to help in such a way was one of the most rewarding experiences of my law school career.

I know that our law students have similar great plans set for this summer.  I’m sure many of them have even bigger and better opportunities awaiting them.  But to do that they need our help.  They have worked hard to make tonight’s auction successful as an event, but they need our help as contributors to make it a success for summer public interest work.  So consider the auction as a public service announcement to all of us.  Reminding of us what can be done when people choose to pick up that mantle, and how we can help them do so.

psa , Josh

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