Monthly Archives: October 2011

Feeling Trapped in the Tower? Quick Escapes Via the MBTA

    Now that we are two months into the fall semester and many of you are spending most of your time here in the Tower, we wanted to remind you that the time you spend outside of the building is equally important.  Whether you take a page from Josh’s book and tune into your favorite […]

Can’t Sleep, Can’t Eat, Feeling Down—Is It Just Law School Blues, or Something More?

It’s that time of year when law school can be a drag.  The weather is turning colder, and course work is increasing.  If you’re hunting for a summer or permanent  job, that can be frustrating and draining.  If you can’t eat, can’t sleep, feel tired and down, is it just law school blues?  Or is […]

The Fall TV Line Up – Watching It Can Make You A Better Law Student

Everyone has been so focused for the first 4 weeks of class I think they may have forgotten that the new season of television began around the same time. I know that classes take a priority but the lull of summer entertainment is over, rejoice! I’ll readily admit without shame that I love TV. I […]