A Switch In Chairs Only Because A Seat Is Visibly Empty

In two weeks I get a chance to upgrade my desk chair.  My back isn’t the greatest and this has always been a priority for me but it’s hard to find a proper ergonomically correct chair around BU.  Soon enough though I’ll be settling into the soft, supportive, reclining comfort of something new . . . but only because my office is losing one of the best people ever.

Yes, in case you haven’t heard the real news around the Student Affairs office, Nicole Price is leaving BU Law for bigger and better things.  Although I couldn’t be happier for Nicole (or happier to get her chair) it is seriously disappointing to lose her as a coworker.  When we hired Nicole the position was brand new and our expectations were pretty simple as we hoped to make improvements to our office and maybe expand our reach beyond what we were currently doing.  She came in and ended up transforming what our Student Affairs office is all about.  Our presence has become significantly greater and our connection to students even stronger.

Beyond that Nicole has made work a better place to be, particularly for me.  I quickly realized that I was given more than a coworker but also a co-creator, a co-counselor, and during certain times a coconspirator.  Trying to ensure that life around school is running smoothly, students are satisfied and that we are bringing new programming to the student body is never an easy task.  The Student Affairs office is the epitome of team work and knowing that I always had Nicole to collaborate with made me rest easy that we would get the job done.

Of course as I’ve constantly mentioned I think that our job can be pretty fun too.  It’s not just in what we do but who we’re doing it with.  Any and all can make an experience enjoyable but it’s the ability of someone to make the mundane enjoyable which is a true talent.  When I worked with Nicole no matter the project the experience was always enjoyable.  Planning orientation, running the Academic Enhancement Program, organizing hundreds of packets or throwing around ideas for new events while eating way too much candy for people our age – always enjoyable.

Working side by side with her was a great experience and luckily so many of you were fortunate enough to do so as well.  So before the semester comes to an end take a moment to stop by our office and say thanks, good bye and good luck to Nicole.


Soon to be sitting in my new chair but terribly missing its original occupant, Josh

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