Do you know your celebrity mustaches very well? Once again, BU Law Pub Trivia!

After the success of this event last spring it’s now become a once a semester event.  This past fall and last Thursday night marked two great evenings of fun for BU Law and trivia for ’11-’12 came to a close.  Sponsored by our office and the SGA we had another stellar turnout of well over 150 students frantically trying to remember every kernel of useless information they had once retained for some reason or another.

Teams were put through 4 rounds of 4 random questions with fun picture bonus rounds in between.  As mentioned, how well do you know celebrities by their mustaches?  Take a shot at these few right here:

Waters DaliZappa prince

Something a bit surprising this time around was that there were no truly dominant teams.  The leader board changed dramatically with each round and the scoring from last to first was still pretty tight.  Even the top 10 teams all finished in a small 15 point spread.

Protests over rulings were inevitable and lead to some funnier arguments.  The difference between a Heath Bar and a Skor Bar was a highly debated topic.  As you can see here they’re pretty similar.

candy bars

In the end though, the judges’ ruling stands so even if we were wrong . . . were we really?

Anyhow, as usual pop culture is always best received compared to topics like geography, US presidents, or nature.  Our third bonus round called for players to name pets from TV shows.  Who knew that so many people were aware that SpongeBob Squarepant’s pet snail was named Gary?!?!  Well for your entertainment here are a couple pics from last night for you to take a stab at:

friends lostscrubs flintstones

After the final question (What does HTML stand for?) all wagers were added or subtracted and we still needed a tie breaker to declare fourth from third.  The top three teams took home their prizes, trivia came to a close and the SGA Thursday night Bar Review started up.  Some hybrid of karaoke, live music, and video that they called their own version of Total Request Live.  All I know is that I headed for the door before a student tried to pull me on to the stage to sing.

I’ll leave the singing to the students, I rock the mic to host trivia. – Josh



BTW, the answers are:

John Waters, Salvador Dali, Frank Zappa, Prince
Marcel (Friends), Vincent (Lost), Rowdy (Scrubs), Dino (Flintstones)
HTML – Hypertext Mark-Up Language

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