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Are you having one too many drinks at the SGA bar review? Is alcohol interfering with your life? Meet Jane, and share a fellow student’s journey to recovery

It’s no secret that compared to most other professionals, lawyers have a disproportionately higher incidence of alcohol and substance abuse.  As Dr. Jeffrey Fortang, from Massachusetts Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) wrote, “…lawyers are acculturated to present an image of themselves as knowing, capable, even invulnerable or self-sufficient. Yet lawyers are human beings, and thus […]

Brown Bag Update: BU Law Alum Discusses Social Responsibility with Students

  Of Pinto Fires and HIV Cures: Do You Think Corporate Counsel Can Do Better for the Public? Last week, students and faculty members gathered in Barristers Hall for a Brown Bag Lunch Discussion with Gastón de los Reyes (BU Law, Class of 2003). Gastón is currently a pursuing his Ph.D. in Ethics and Legal […]