BU Police Chief Tom Robbins Speaks About Safety at the Dean’s Town Hall

   At Dean O’Rourke’s Town Hall Meeting today, she welcomed Chief Tom Robbins, Deputy Scott Pare, and Captain Robert Molloy from the BU Police Department (BUPD) to discuss the recent robberies in Brookline and BUPD’s role when these incidents happen since they are not on the BU campus.  The recent robberies have been in north Brookline, over which the Brookline Police Department has primary jurisdiction.  There have also been incidents in “the Gap,” which is the west campus area; the Boston police have primary jurisdiction over that area.  BU police are sworn in as Norfolk Co. sheriffs.  While they do not have primary jurisdiction over the areas of the recent robberies, they consult closely with the police departments that have primary jurisdiction to discuss patrol coverage and the investigations. 

Chief Robbins presented information from the Brookline Police Department indicating that crime has dropped 5% in Brookline from 1994 to now.  For the 6 recent robberies close to BU, 4 arrests were made; 2 cases are still active.  None of the suspects are from the area, though some knew of the area from relatives.  Chief Robbins lauded the Brookline police for their work on solving these cases.

If students see any suspicious activity around BU, they should call the BUPD emergency number at 617/353-2121.  If they call 911, that first goes to the Framingham State Police and then to Boston police; if it affects BU, BUPD is contacted.  Chief Robbins reminded students about the BU Escort Security Service run through the BU Dean of Students Office. Students can call that service and other students will walk them to places on campus; this does not extend off campus.  The student escorts have radios to link to the BUPD as needed.  There also are 110 emergency blue light phones around campus (some are by the Law Tower) that link directly to the BUPD. 

Although some recent incidents have occurred when victims were in groups, Chief Robbins said that it generally is still safer to walk in groups.  He reminded students to be aware of their surroundings and not walk around with ear plugs/head phones.  If confronted by someone trying to steal something, he urged students NOT to resist. 

BU remains a relatively safe campus.    Other area colleges have had recent incidents, so these unfortunately do happen.  If you see anything suspicious, always feel free to call 617/353-2121 to reach the BUPD.

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