Tips for New Bostonians

– When you’re taking the T, “Inbound” means heading towards the Park Street stop, and “Outbound” means heading away from it.

– The South End and South Boston are two different neighborhoods.

– You’ve probably already noticed that our public transportation doesn’t always run like clockwork. Happily, there are a number of apps to help you navigate the scheduling discrepancies, such as OpenMBTA and TransitLive.

– There’s a long-standing rivalry between people from the North Shore and South Shore (coastal towns to the north and south of Boston). As a girl from the South Shore, I don’t have to tell you which one is better.

– The Boston University Bridge on Commonwealth Avenue has the distinct recognition of being the only place on the planet where a boat can sail under a train going under a car that is driving under an airplane.

– There are some fantastic food trucks floating around the city, and thankfully someone keeps track of where they’re going to be here.

– Pop = soda; cheesesteak = steak and cheese; sub = grinder.

– The departure times for the last trains of the night vary by T station, but are generally between midnight and 1am. Bars close at 2am. This doesn’t make sense to anyone, but you still have to plan accordingly.

Any other tips for new Bostonians? Write them in the comments!

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