Top ten things you can (and should) do in addition to studying for exams

You’re spending every waking moment studying, right?  Wrong!  Study hard, BU Law, but take some breaks for the following “Top Ten” to-do list:

10.   Attend the Annual BU Law Student Holiday Party.  Enjoy some snacks and delicious BU Punch at the Annual Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 4, from 12-2 pm, Room 1270.

9.  Bring your questions to our AEP (Academic Enhancement Program) Open Session on Monday December 2, 1-2 pm, Room 620, and ask any burning questions about outlining, exam preparation and stress management that arose over Thanksgiving.

8.  Sign up for one of the slots to get a short Chair Massage (for the lucky).  Keep an eye out for the e-mail with sign-up instructions for chair massages.  There are limited slots and they go quickly!

7.  Coffee Break!  Enjoy free coffee, tea and cider in the lobby on Friday, December 6, from 11am-2pm (or when it runs out).

6.  Read the *updated* list of places to study, both on and off campus.

5.  Check out the Pappas Library’s list of resources for exam prep.

4.  Use technology…to save yourself from technology!

  • Back up your work, especially your outlines.
  • Visit our friends in Systems Technology on the 17th floor if you even *think* you’re having computer problems!  Fix it now – don’t wait until you’re trying to print your outline or you’re taking your exam.
  • Speaking of printing…print early or off-campus.  There is often a BIG backlog of print jobs during reading period and exam days.
  • Check out Work Rave and set some boundaries for breaks to keep yourself healthy.

3.  Visit Toby the Therapy Dog.  Anne Benson (of Grad Tax) generously shares her big, furry family member, Toby, again this exam period.  You can find him in Barristers during the following times:

  • Friday, December 6, 11am – 2pm
  • Tuesday, December 10, 12 – 2pm
  • Friday, December 13, 12 – 2pm

2.  Take care of yourself.

  • Get out of the Tower!  See #6 above or check out our blog post on Celebrating the Holidays in Boston.  A change of scenery can increase your mental alertness.
  • Take a break.  Remember that going for a walk, hitting the gym, or allowing yourself one episode of Law & Order can be just the mental break you need to keep learning!
  • Sleep.  Studies show that memory is more effectively consolidated when you get some sleep.
  • Eat.  Try to fuel your body with some healthy stuff.  The to-go case at the GSU is full of good options and it won’t take more than a moment to grab them.  Here’s where you find what’s open at the GSU.

1.  Ask for help!!  If you’re struggling with a concept, find time to talk to your professor, reach out to your classmates for ideas, ask your student advisor or writing fellow for clarification, or grab a librarian to help you find new resources.  You are not alone with this material or experience!

If you’re having trouble with daily activities (eating, sleeping, concentrating), or are feeling severe anxiety, reach out directly to Student Health Services at 617-353-3575, BU Behavioral Medicine at 617-353-3569, or come see us now for confidential help!  We’re here for you, and have many resources we can share with you confidentially.

Good luck, BU Law!

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