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Warning: Law School Will Cause Flashbacks

For all the 3L’s preparing for their last days of exams I ask you take this warning seriously.  It will happen suddenly and you will not be ready for it.  It may come at you with whiplashing speed or perhaps it will bloom slowly across your memory.  Either way law school is fundamentally built to […]

Do you know your celebrity mustaches very well? Once again, BU Law Pub Trivia!

After the success of this event last spring it’s now become a once a semester event.  This past fall and last Thursday night marked two great evenings of fun for BU Law and trivia for ’11-’12 came to a close.  Sponsored by our office and the SGA we had another stellar turnout of well over […]

A Switch In Chairs Only Because A Seat Is Visibly Empty

In two weeks I get a chance to upgrade my desk chair.  My back isn’t the greatest and this has always been a priority for me but it’s hard to find a proper ergonomically correct chair around BU.  Soon enough though I’ll be settling into the soft, supportive, reclining comfort of something new . . […]

The Fall TV Line Up – Watching It Can Make You A Better Law Student

Everyone has been so focused for the first 4 weeks of class I think they may have forgotten that the new season of television began around the same time. I know that classes take a priority but the lull of summer entertainment is over, rejoice! I’ll readily admit without shame that I love TV. I […]

The Amazing Race – BU Law Style!

This is the first post of the school year and it’s short and sweet. If you’re reading this before the Amazing Race kicks off then you have a huge advantage. Figure out the clue below and you have one question already solved. That being said watch the video below and use that challenge to solve […]

Grades – One last look back before going forward

Well, I think grades are coming out today.  Most of you have been able to put classes out of your mind for three or four weeks and settle into your summer routines.  But, before you can get comfortable writing memos all day and enjoying your nights like you are part of the real world, law […]

What Song Pumps You Up . . . for Studying?

Music is powerful.  It can evoke memories or change your mood. The right song can even transform your entire outlook for the day.  There are always those songs that mean a lot to us and that have to be played when you’re starting your workout at the gym, setting the mood for a date, pre-partying […]

You Can Learn A Lot From A Dummy – A Different Kind Of Public Service Announcement

Do you remember those PSA superstars from the late 80’s and 90’s that crashed (pun intended, sorry) into pop culture for the benefit of our safety?  Public service announcements have had a long history dating back all the way to World War Two.  They’re there to raise awareness of issues, possibly even to motivate you […]

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (on spring break)?

Spring break is almost over which means we’re going to start seeing some of you around the tower soon, many with jealousy-inducing tans.  Although I wouldn’t have minded some time by the beach, or traveling anywhere really, I’m genuinely excited for all of you. Seriously. I am. Whether it was a fun destination, a visit […]

Playing the Air Guitar at Work for a Good Cause

Yes, I rock a mean air guitar. But the thought of bringing those skills to the work place is never something you plan on. However last week I found myself shredding my invisible axe all for the sake of the BU Law community via Legal Follies.  Anyhow, with the shows coming up later this week […]