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To Loathe and Love the Snow: A New Englander’s Lament of this Winter

I love the winter.  I loathe this current winter.  Freshly fallen snow is a beautiful thing to see.  The sight of snow this winter terrifies me as my driveway resembles a white tunnel on the verge of a cave-in.  As someone who grew up around here I’m not really too put off by a long […]

What do Atticus Finch, Count Chocula, and Saved by the Bell all have in common? – BU LAW Pub Trivia!

Thanks to all who organized and came out for last night’s Pub Trivia! Despite the snow (Pop quiz: How much snow is typical in Boston in January?), new classes and lots of other events,  close to 250 law students gathered at Lansdowne Pub for Trivia.  The event was cosponsored by our office, the Student Advisors […]

Do you have what it takes to wear an overly bright t-shirt and smile all day?!?!

Perhaps you were a Welcomer last year and you already know how much fun it can be.  Maybe you’re a 1L and the Welcomers were the most important part of your Orientation experience.  There’s also the slight possibility they just didn’t cut it for you last year and you want to do an even better […]

Welcome back, what did you bring me?

Nothing?  I beg to differ. Hopefully you have had a nice relaxing break somewhere warm or with friends and family. What you’ve undoubtedly brought back is you – but not the harried finals version – the excited, enthusiastic, energetic versions that first set foot here in September! We’ve been here since last week plotting away […]

Hello? Is anyone out there? Don’t turn that light off – I’m still working back here!

Yes it’s true.  While all of you head home with exams officially over we are still working to tie up loose ends of the semester and prepping for the spring semester (it’s hard to say ‘spring semester’ when there’s snow on the ground).  But wait!  There’s no need to be upset or start an online […]

Golden Globe nominations announced – inexplicably, law school exams continue

I love going to the movies.  The theater experience of sitting with my favorite candy and soda can make a crappy movie not seem totally awful.  Watching them at home isn’t half bad either – Netflix in my humble opinion is as important as running water.  Almost everyone enjoys the movies as a bit of […]

Can you believe it’s December tomorrow?!?!

Hey everybody! This is our first official foray into the blogosphere and I’m sure most of you are trying to figure out what we’ll be talking about here.  The funny thing is we’re trying to sort that out too!  However we do have some motives so why not come straight out with it – there […]