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Law School Grades: Some Perspective

Grades came out on Friday, and there was probably a wide variety of reactions.  For some, you breathed a sigh of relief, and for others you might be wondering what you can do differently this semester.  Whether you’re feeling like your hard work paid off or like your hard work didn’t yield the results you hoped for, this post […]

Top ten things you can (and should) do in addition to studying for exams

You’re spending every waking moment studying, right?  Wrong!  Study hard, BU Law, but take some breaks for the following “Top Ten” to-do list: 10.   Attend the Annual BU Law Student Holiday Party.  Enjoy some snacks and delicious BU Punch at the Annual Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 4, from 12-2 pm, Room 1270. 9.  Bring […]

Grades – One last look back before going forward

Well, I think grades are coming out today.  Most of you have been able to put classes out of your mind for three or four weeks and settle into your summer routines.  But, before you can get comfortable writing memos all day and enjoying your nights like you are part of the real world, law […]

What Song Pumps You Up . . . for Studying?

Music is powerful.  It can evoke memories or change your mood. The right song can even transform your entire outlook for the day.  There are always those songs that mean a lot to us and that have to be played when you’re starting your workout at the gym, setting the mood for a date, pre-partying […]

Important Exam Reminder: There is Life Outside the Law Tower!

  While I was in graduate school, you could often find me working while hunched over my laptop surrounded by my books, my notes, and most importantly, my caffeine.  During especially busy stretches of the semester, it was not uncommon for me to be writing at 1am with a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke by […]

Managing Exams, Part 2, And Having Fun

It’s day 3 of exam period, a difficult time.  If you’re feeling high anxiety or stress, know that you’re not alone!  BU Health Services has several great tips to help with relaxation and time and stress management: see Which brings me to the weekend and having fun…Please take time this weekend to do something fun.  […]

It’s that time again–exams (ick)

During law school I always found the month of November to be bittersweet—sweet because of the thanksgiving holiday break (time to eat, catch one’s breath, and MAYBE catch up on homework!), bitter because exams were just around the corner.  It was easy to feel the added tension; sometimes the library seemed like a claustrophobic submarine! […]