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Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and the people of Boston have created an array of hilarious and fun events to celebrate all the different kinds of love in your life. Soothe the Soul Create a handmade heart for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at West Elm’s Craft a Work of Heart .The store will be […]

Law School Grades: Some Perspective

Grades came out on Friday, and there was probably a wide variety of reactions.  For some, you breathed a sigh of relief, and for others you might be wondering what you can do differently this semester.  Whether you’re feeling like your hard work paid off or like your hard work didn’t yield the results you hoped for, this post […]

Happy Holidays!

From all of us in the Student Affairs Office, we congratulate you on finishing exams and wish you a very happy holiday break! Below are a few things to look out for over intersession and in the first few weeks of classes: The Registrar’s Office is planning to release fall grades by 5:00 p.m. on […]

Top ten things you can (and should) do in addition to studying for exams

You’re spending every waking moment studying, right?  Wrong!  Study hard, BU Law, but take some breaks for the following “Top Ten” to-do list: 10.   Attend the Annual BU Law Student Holiday Party.  Enjoy some snacks and delicious BU Punch at the Annual Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 4, from 12-2 pm, Room 1270. 9.  Bring […]


The Office of Student Affairs would like to express an extra big THANK YOU to our 2L and 3L Welcomers!  From your smiling faces to your wise advice for our newest community members, you helped make BU Law Orientation 2013 a success.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  We hope that our 2Ls will join us […]

A Switch In Chairs Only Because A Seat Is Visibly Empty

In two weeks I get a chance to upgrade my desk chair.  My back isn’t the greatest and this has always been a priority for me but it’s hard to find a proper ergonomically correct chair around BU.  Soon enough though I’ll be settling into the soft, supportive, reclining comfort of something new . . […]

The Fall TV Line Up – Watching It Can Make You A Better Law Student

Everyone has been so focused for the first 4 weeks of class I think they may have forgotten that the new season of television began around the same time. I know that classes take a priority but the lull of summer entertainment is over, rejoice! I’ll readily admit without shame that I love TV. I […]

Playing the Air Guitar at Work for a Good Cause

Yes, I rock a mean air guitar. But the thought of bringing those skills to the work place is never something you plan on. However last week I found myself shredding my invisible axe all for the sake of the BU Law community via Legal Follies.  Anyhow, with the shows coming up later this week […]

To Loathe and Love the Snow: A New Englander’s Lament of this Winter

I love the winter.  I loathe this current winter.  Freshly fallen snow is a beautiful thing to see.  The sight of snow this winter terrifies me as my driveway resembles a white tunnel on the verge of a cave-in.  As someone who grew up around here I’m not really too put off by a long […]

Hello? Is anyone out there? Don’t turn that light off – I’m still working back here!

Yes it’s true.  While all of you head home with exams officially over we are still working to tie up loose ends of the semester and prepping for the spring semester (it’s hard to say ‘spring semester’ when there’s snow on the ground).  But wait!  There’s no need to be upset or start an online […]