Monthly Archives: May 2010

So Far So Good

Our flight landed safely in Johannesburg only a couple hours behind schedule. Both of us were quite impressed with the food on the plane…Milano cookies and perfect strawberries!!! Then we hopped into the cutest, bluest little car. We got a little lost, but Elena’s navigation skills got us back on track and we only went […]


It’s D-day. That’s right, Departure day. Ready or not (and it’s mostly not), here I come. Despite the fact that nothing is ready and I have no idea whether or not I will succeed in collecting the data I need to collect, I am pretty psyched about this adventure. I have not enjoyed the waiting […]

Crunch Time

My departure is now only 12 days away…that’s less time than I will have to collect my data in each country.  I am still waiting on the approval from each country, and I’ve hardly coordinated any logistics.  Nonetheless, I’m getting on a plane on May 28th and am determined to get the data I need […]