Category: The Research

Data up the wazoo

We’re making incredible progress. I really hadn’t expected to actually meet all data collection goals in 2 countries, but it looks like we’re on track to do just that. We had our second focus group today and our fourth key informant interview. We’ve got one more of each and then surveys and then we’re done […]

Survey Madness

Although we have yet to analyze the surveys for Lesotho, we were very impressed with how thoughtfully and thoroughly they were completed. Even though comments were optional, we got some really great feedback. This was the only thing that kept us going for the last full 3 days late into the night to do all […]

Focus Groups

I have now completed focus groups with two hospitals, one mission and one Government.  I don’t feel that I’m learning nearly as much at the hospitals as I’m learning from the key informant interviews in terms of actual content.  People are talking, and we’re getting some good examples of the benefits and types of issues […]


I have now conducted three of my key informant interviews.  I am so thrilled to have real data.  Lee Strunin and Barbara Bokhour (my qualitative methods professors) would be very proud of me as I am diligently taking detailed field notes after every interview and have begun my transcription.  On Thursday, I had my first […]


My day was made today when the Director General agreed to approve my research. I’m still waiting for the official signed approval, but I’m fairly confident that I’ll get the letter tomorrow morning, at least I hope so since the plan is to deliver all the surveys tomorrow.  We are now asking our experts to […]