It’s D-day. That’s right, Departure day. Ready or not (and it’s mostly not), here I come. Despite the fact that nothing is ready and I have no idea whether or not I will succeed in collecting the data I need to collect, I am pretty psyched about this adventure. I have not enjoyed the waiting game over the last few months. I’m sure the waiting isn’t over since I still don’t have the approval I need from the Lesotho Ministry of Health, but at least now I can be a more active participant in determining the fate of my dissertation. I may still fail, but I take great comfort in knowing that it will all be over soon one way or the other. And the next 60 days certainly promise to be some very full and exciting days regardless.

Best case scenario: I get all the data I need and I actually produce a dissertation this is useful. Worst case scenario: I graduate early with a second Master’s instead of a PhD. Don’t worry, Rani, Vicky, and Jim…I just need to keep telling myself that the worst case scenario isn’t the end of the world. Personally, I think if I actually get the necessary approvals in all three countries, that should immediately qualify me for a PhD.

I leave for the airport in 30 minutes, so I’m signing off. I arrive in Johannesburg in about 24 hours from now. Sala hantle! (stay well in Sesotho)

Crunch Time

My departure is now only 12 days away…that’s less time than I will have to collect my data in each country.  I am still waiting on the approval from each country, and I’ve hardly coordinated any logistics.  Nonetheless, I’m getting on a plane on May 28th and am determined to get the data I need while I’m there.  In the meantime, I’m praying that the next two weeks are fruitful ones.