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Liquid Fun is the biggest comedy group on Boston University’s campus. In 2013 we were voted “BU’s Funniest Group” and we respectively choose not to disagree. We perform free shows all the time on campus, and do a mix of short-form improv (think Whose Line without the CW’s Standards and Practices Department) and long-form improv (UCB-style hijinks).

We also perform at tons of other colleges and theaters around New England and the Northeast. In the last few years we’ve had shows in Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts (shocker!), Quebec,  and elsewhere. Within Boston, we’ve performed with groups at just about every college and university, as well as Improv Boston and Improv Asylum. This kind of collaboration peaks every spring when we host our annual 24-Hour Comedy Marathon, which brings groups from all over to perform a full day and night’s worth of comedy in BU Central to benefit the Great Boston Area Food Bank.


Liquid Fun is always looking for new members, and we are a non-audition group.  We have open practices, year-round, on Sunday nights from 7 to 9 PM in CAS B25b— that anyone can come to. No matter what your skill and experience level is–if you’ve never even heard of improv, or if you’re Del Close reincarnate–we’ll welcome you!

Since LF performs a mix of long-form and short-form, our practices are always being switched up to expose improvisers to various skill sets and approaches to improv comedy. One night might be character building and scene work, and the next listening games and plot development. Variety is our middle name despite what you may have heard ( “Felix” is just a vicious rumor ). Again, our open practices are Sundays from 7 to 9 PM in CAS B50.

Once we get to know you and your style on Sundays, we may invite you to join our “Ensemble” which meets on Thursday nights. Performers are drawn from people who consistently show up to ensemble practices with funny pants on (and well-pressed!), based on comfort and skill with the LF improv style. Our goal is to eventually move anyone who shows commitment to learning improv and being a member of Liquid Fun into the Ensemble Practices. You can call us a non-audition group or you can call us the group with the longest audition, just don’t call us late to dinner.

If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, stop by on a Sunday and see what its all about or email us at liquidfun@gmail.com. Or if you think you might rather just be an audience member, like us on Facebook so you get all the updates about shows.

It’s free. It’s fun… it’s liquid?