The 24 Hour Comedy Marathon


-Saturday, April 12th @ 7PM-


-Sunday, April 13th @ 7PM-

Liquid Fun’s 9th annual marathon to benefit the GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK returns for another year!

Featuring groups from all over Boston, including professional groups, colleges, high schools, and LIQUID FUN!
Win prizes! Stay for awhile and get the prize of your dreams!






Where: BU Central – 775 Commonwealth Ave (Basement), Boston, MA, 02215
When: 7 PM on Saturday, April 12th to 7 PM on Sunday, April 13th
How Much: $5suggested donation


ON the T train:
Take the GREEN LINE B (Boston College) to the BU Central stop.
ON the MBTA bus:
47 (Broadway Station via B.U. Medical Center) to Mountfort St @ Lenox St then walk north to Commonwealth Ave. and turn right, walking east.
47 (Central Square, Cambridge via Longwood & B.U. Medical Center) to Commonwealth Ave @ University Rd, then walk east along Commonwealth Ave.
57 (Watertown Yard via Brighton) to Commonwealth Ave @ University Rd.
57 (Kenmore Station via Brighton) to Commonwealth Ave @ St Marys St, then cross Commonwealth Ave. and walk west.


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Alumni Hour (6:30 pm)
The grizzled and world-weary Funners of yore return to their alma mater to impart the wisdom of their years.
Jam Seshes (11 pm, 2am, 3pm, and 5pm)
Long form improv jams. Do what you want, just have fun with performers you don’t usually mingle with
Ammunition Round (3am)
Line up! In this round, groups of improvisers take turns doing line games such as sex with me, worlds worst, ect. to a crowd of audience members who have purchased ball pit balls to throw at jokes they don’t like or improvisers that just look “hittable”. All proceeds go to the Greater Boston Food Bank
DRAGprov (4am)
Don’t forget your high heels or false mustaches! Dragprov is an improv jam with short form and montages where the performers shake up their clothing choices and their scene partners while not mentioning their wardrobe. (Some clothes can be provided but its better to bring your own)
Stand Up Hour (4:30am – 5:30am)
Want to try out a new joke? Or perhaps showcase your polished stuff? Jokes get a whole new twist at 5:30am. It’s an intimate time to do stand up sets or just tell a funny story. Sign ups will occur Saturday night and Sunday morning!
Live Music HourĀ (5:30am)
Play guitar? Piano? Bagpipes? We want to hear it! Improvise a song or bring up a composition.
PainProv (6am)
Performers are joined by everyone’s favorite scene partners: clothes pins, finger pinchers, and other painful devices.
Improv is so much better when you don’t use all of your sneezes. Watch what performers can do when their vision is blocked.
Halftime Show/Bath Time! (7:00am)
Rise and shine! To wake up we bring out a wonderful marathon tradition called Sensory Deprivation. In this game we see two person scenes performed by 3 people. One person must have their head in a cooler of water the whole time, when someone can no longer breathe, they raise their hand, get tagged out by someone in the scene, and try it pick up where the scene left off as the character who they just subbed in for.
MusicalProvĀ (7:30am)
Listed above as Musical Hour, this is a set of musical improv games. Email to perform in or to donate your instrumental talents too.
Family Breakfast (9am-10am)
Hungry? A long form jam much like a “living room” where a group of characters eat breakfast togerther and go in and out of scenes from their lives. The audience gets food too.
Newbie Hour (11am)
This year’s crop of green Funners show the vets what they’re made of. They just grow up so fast.