Saving Money On Your Bills

Saving money is high on everyone’s to-do list each day, even if you have plenty of money in the bank. You work hard for your money, and you don’t want to waste it. The problem with that is so many people assume they are only wasting money on things you want versus things you need. That may be so, but you’re also spending entirely too much on things you need. Take a look at your expenses each month and see if there is something there you might save a bit of money on. You might not think so at first glance, but you can absolutely save money on your bills in more than one way. Continue reading “Saving Money On Your Bills”

Overview of Wooden Clocks

Black Forest carved clocks i.e. cuckoo clocks win intricate woodwork – carving and designs can be a sight for sore eyes. When choosing between these 3 options to flourish your home, there are several factors to weigh in, which we will be reviewing below to let you know about the most suitable clocks to get the next time you go shopping for them.  Continue reading “Overview of Wooden Clocks”

5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Secure

Technology has come of age, and so have cybercriminals and hacker’s tactics. They lurk in every corner of the digital world, tracking your digital footprints, and looking for vulnerabilities in your computer. Avoid falling into their trap by taking all the necessary computer precautions with regards to how you interact or store your computer. Continue reading “5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Secure”

Your Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Online Business

Aspiring to be the next dotcom entrepreneur-slash-millionaire? While online businesses are prized for their capacity to generate substantial revenues without needing the manual labor and legwork that traditional brick-and-mortar stores go through, running a successful eCommerce store can take time, money, and constant rejection and failure before you get your head out of the water and start making real profits. Sure, there’s a couple of feel-good-and-inspired stories out there about ordinary people becoming successful entrepreneurs overnight, but this falls as an exception rather than a rule. Here are 10 steps on running a successful online-based store: Continue reading “Your Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Online Business”

Best Ways to Learn a New Sport

Have you ever watched your friends, or tv shows like Yuri On Ice, or the Olympics and decided how cool it would be to learn a new sport? Learning a new sport can be exciting, fun, energy boosting and empowering in some ways when you learn you have a new skill that you didn’t know of before. However, learning a new sport might sound daunting and complicated. It’s good to know the best ways to learn a sport: Continue reading “Best Ways to Learn a New Sport”

Take These Steps to Deal With Student Loan Debt

One of the biggest segments of debt in the US today is student loan debt. This form of debt has grown exponentially in the past few decades. Americans now owe well above $1.3 trillion in combined student loan debts. This is nearly twice the amount that Americans currently owe on credit cards. When it comes to paying back these loans that can actually run into six figures, there are some steps to take that can make it seem more achievable. Continue reading “Take These Steps to Deal With Student Loan Debt”

7 Traits of Inspirational People

I have always admired people who have made a significant impact. People who particularly inspire me are Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, Viktor Frankl, Sir Winston Churchill, Carl Jung, Abraham Lincoln, and latterly Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Jobs,  to name but a few. I am now adding Philippe Petit to my list.

These people on my list are famous for very different achievements. Some didn’t particularly set out to be “world” leaders in their field.  But to me and many others of course, they are leaders, because by virtue of their achievements they have led a way, which has helped many people, and so been inspirational. Their stories and work have certainly changed my world. Continue reading “7 Traits of Inspirational People”

Why Teens Like YouTube Stars More Than Celebrities

The fastest way to become a celebrity in our culture is through a free video-streaming website in which anyone can post anything they like (so long as it stays within the companies guidelines). That website of course, is YouTube, and the stars who are born on YouTube are more popular than traditional celebrities among teenagers according to new surveys

The top five people who teenagers said they liked as celebrities were all people from YouTube. These were: Smosh, The Fine Bros, PewDiePie, KSI, and Ryan Higa. It was not until you got to number 6 Paul Walker that you had a non-YouTuber make the list.  Continue reading “Why Teens Like YouTube Stars More Than Celebrities”

5 Ways to Cut Business Costs Using Technology

Cutting costs does not mean sacrificing business growth, at least not anymore. By providing an array of effective cost-cutting options, technological advancements have made it easier for businesses of all kinds to reduce their costs. But while technology has impacted how we do business today, informed decision making remains vital to business growth. As such, the success of your business might be determined by the types of technology you decide to use and how you choose to implement them. To help improve your chances of success, here are five ways you can use technology to cut your business costs. Continue reading “5 Ways to Cut Business Costs Using Technology”