5 Tips For Launching a Smart and Successful Fundraising Event

Launching a fundraiser is no simple task. There are many important decisions to make, as well as last minute details that may make or break an event. That being said, a fundraising event can be a great way to raise money for the charity or organization that you are involved in. While there will be a large amount of work involved, depending on the size of course, a fundraising event can be great not only for the money that your organization will be able to raise but can also for getting the word out and creating connections that will help your organization tremendously in the long run. 

At this point, you may be wondering what it takes to pull off a great fundraising event. What are some important steps for you to implement and act on that can help you create a memorable event? Below are 5 tips that can help you launch a smart and successful fundraising event.

Create a Budget

This important tip comes from Samantha Horton’s article in Eventbrite. Establishing a budget for the event is crucial and should be done in the earliest stages of planning. Your organization’s budget will primarily determine the scope and size of your fundraising event. Based on your budget, certain types of events may or may not be an option for you. You may also have to scale your event based on the amount you can spend.

As mentioned previously, be sure to create a budget early on the process. Creating a vision for what your event will look like is great and even necessary, but without the budget to back it up, it simply is a dream.

Creating a budget can help keep your event realistic but also successful. Spending too much on the organization of an event will most likely lead to it not being financially successful, which almost defeats the entire purpose of the event.

Several Ways to Give

This insightful tip comes from Rebecca Andruszka’s article in the muse. As Rebecca explains, people who attend a fundraising event are expected to pay the price of admission. That being said, there are other ways to encourage people to give at your event. Rebecca mentions two such ways: silent auctions and raffles. These types of activities can encourage people to spend more at an event beyond the simple price of admission. Use your creativity in finding ways to have activities similar to the two mentioned above that will encourage attendees to give. For some great ideas on how to raise money, check out abcfundraising.com

Change Your Perspective

This intriguing tip comes from George Wooden’s article in Socialbrite. Wooden suggests that instead of viewing the event as the organizer, try to place yourself in a guest’s shoes. What would guests like to see and be a part of, rather then yourself? By changing your perspective and putting yourself in a guest’s shoes rather then your own, you can increase the chances of attendees really enjoying your event and it being successful.

Engage Using the Press and Social Media

This important tip comes from Summy Lau’s post in Winspire. One way that you can more effectively spread the word about your upcoming event is by telling the press about it. Another great way to spread the news is by using social media. Social media is great as well because it allows you to interact with people who are thinking about coming to the event. Summy suggests talking about the most fun aspects of the event and “exclusive auction items”, among other topics. Using these types of platforms can help spread the word about your fundraising event much better and further then you could otherwise.

Follow Up with Attendees

This final tip comes from Frank Barry’s article in npEngage. Barry suggests to not be afraid to follow up with people who have indicated that they want to give but have not yet given. As Barry notes, people respond to deadlines, so do not be afraid to contact them.

In the end, a fundraising event can be a great way to raise money and awareness for your organization and cause. That being said, they can also be a lot of work. Hopefully the list above has provided you with some inspiration for your own fundraising event.